About Us

In life, one of he most challenging things we can do is rest. Rest is for the wicked, but it’s also for the tired!

At MattressReviewer.co.uk, take the importance of getting a quality sleep at night very seriously. We know how much the human body needs to be cared for and to be rested fully. It’s why the kind of sleep that you get at night is so important to ensuring you can enjoy a high quality of life. When we sleep well, we think well. And when we think well, we act well. What happens when we act well? We do well!

This is why we believe that anyone who is interested in taking part in improving their life quality reads our mattress reviews today. We have a whole host of different platforms for you to pick from if you are looking for help. Whether you are looking for a mattress to help you rest at night, or you want to help alleviate certain muscle and joint pains, you have many things to consider. That’s why we look to make learning all about mattresses so simple!

Our Story

Like anyone reviewing mattresses, our story comes from simply wishing to sleep better. MattressReviewer.co.uk is managed by Porta Studios. Behind our expertise is Dr. Irina Radosevic. Dr. Radosevic is a specialist in Cardiology, having both studied and worked in Belgrade.

Her knowledge, understanding, and expertise in the art of buying and picking a mattress stems from her Cardiology expertise. Our program looks to utilise her knowledge of mattresses to help give people the information they need. Our story so far, though, is simple: we wanted to sleep better!

Many people stick with the same mattress for many years. It’s easy to do so and often takes less work than buying a replacement. However, if you choose to go about the process of buying a mattress then you do need some thinking about it. So, we formed MattressReviewer.co.uk to help you make sure that you can always buy with total, 100% confidence.

After all, who wants to go to bed tossing and turning at the lack of decisiveness? We know how hard that can be. To help you do that, we make sure you can invest your time into reading more about what you are buying, and why!

Why do you write about mattresses?

Out of all the things to cover, we often get asked why we chose to write about mattresses. And the reason why is quite simple: we want to wake up in the morning feeling absolutely sublime!

And to do that, we need to make sure we go about doing it in the right way. So, we look to write about mattresses for the following reasons:

  1. We think that a mattress can be the most decisive factor in a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ sleep.
  2. We want to sleep better ourselves, and knowledge is power in this case.
  3. Sleeping better ties into both Cardiology and living quality – our two main passions!
  4. Buying a mattress can often feel like a gamble; we wanted to bring an end to this.
  5. Mattresses can be hard to review and understand; we want to try and change that.
  6. We care about making sure our readers can sleep and rest better day-in, day-out.

Sleeping well is not something that you should have to dream about. Instead of wishing you could wake up and feel like you slept on the right side of bed, we look to make it a reality for you as soon as we can. To do that, we look to build a cohesive structure around mattress reviewing that allows us to give you useful information. To do that, we’ve brought in Dr. Radosevic and co. to help us keep our writing informed, accurate, and interesting!

If you want to get more than just thinly veiled promotions for mattresses, read on. Our aim is to make sure you can get a mattress that feels good and is ideally suited to who you are. On top of that, we look to let you know how budget-friendly it is!

Our Ethics

We understand that you are putting a lot of trust into our team by reading our reviews. For that, we truly do thank you. It’s so kind to know that you would value our words like that!

But, how can you trust us? Simple: we make sure to always follow these ethics:

  1. Every single mattress that we review has gone through a strenuous reviews process. We look to understand everything about the model, so that you don’t have to.
  2. We never push our articles from a promotional standpoint. If we think that you would benefit from a certain mattress, we will say! If not, we will make that as clear as we can.
  3. Nothing is endorsed here for any reason other than our research and our usage showed us it was the best choice possible. Our reviews are genuine and backed up by the facts.
  4. Every review is written with a certain kind of person in mind. Mattresses are often very personal, so we never look to make blanket decisions regarding what suits you.
  5. Nothing is chosen to be on-site without having fully checked out the details of what we are saying. If we are expressing an opinion rather than a fact, we’ll try make that clear!

Need some help?

Of course, you might have read all of our reviews and still have some questions – that’s totally normal!

Making a large investment in something like a mattress if not something you should ever do lightly. Instead, let us help you make a choice that is weighed up based on what matters to you personally. Give yourself some help in making an informed choice and ask us what you think you might need. We will be more than happy to help you out with some personalised assistance.

Remember the old golden rule to buying a mattress, though; sleep on it!For more information about mattresses based on our expert reviews, take a look at our mattress section today. Otherwise, contact us for any information that you might happen to need, and we’ll be more than happy to assist.