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Let’s start by defining a detached house. “a house that is not joined to any other house or a large detached house surrounded by a garden.”  It is obviously a house that is planted by itself and a single family will most likely dwell in the home. This is opposed to a multi-house dwelling like duplexes or condominiums. The following houses can be purchased and eventually built in Portugal. In fact, they can be built anywhere in the world but this article will focus on modern detached homes built in Portugal. Let’s start the discussion. 

6 Contemporary Detached Houses with Contemporary Matching Architecture

6 Contemporary Detached Houses with Contemporary Matching Architecture
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This row of 6 cubular modern detached homes is located in Rocafort, Valencia, Spain and each home is identical in exterior structure. Each home has a space of 2135 square feet which is a lot of houses. The homes have small pools in the backyard and they may have been built about 6 years ago because the article written about the homes was written in 2013. But it is certain these same architectural designs can be constructed in Portugal as well.  

The upper portion is built of long gray bricks and the lower portion is constructed of white cement material. The homes were designed by architect Antonio Altarriba Comes who is located in Spain. The homes have large windows around the structure allowing plenty of natural light to stream through the home. The six homes are identical in structure and perhaps the floorplans are the same. Obviously each individual homeowner will add their own personal tastes to the interior of the homes. 

This according to the architects “the whole group is a combination of different pieces that come together indifferently, getting the suggestive unity of variety that is the pursuit of contemporary architecture. The volumes consist mainly of two elements: the ground floor, which is completely opened to the exterior through its north and south sides and the upper floor, built with natural stone, with drilling façades depending on the interior needs“.  Each of the dwellings has a small inner courtyard enclosed in glass- a captivating design addition making up for the lack of green space.” 

Each home as a generous upper space and a lower space but the backyards are fairly small in square footage. The pools are small as well but are very modern in design. One would enter the pool via steps located on the left side of the pool and there are no exterior diving boards around the pool. The homes make a very definitive, contemporary statement. The detached homes have a very contemporary but futuristic look.   

There are many styles of detached homes a buyer can buy or have built in Portugal. It may be a nice place to retire because the climate is very mild all year round. There are plenty of activities to do in Portugal and it is the gateway to Europe. You can travel and see the rest of Europe. You can personalize the interior of your detached home as well. You can choose whatever square footage you desire as well.

Modern Berlin Semi Detached 

Modern Berlin Semi Detached
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These series of homes are semi detached because there are two units within the structure. The houses are split into halves and each half has a fair amount of square footage. There is a wooden structure extending from the left side of the house giving the ultra modern white main structure a warm and homey look. The houses have plenty of windows to allow a lot of natural light to shine in the dwellings. The halves contain 3 stories a piece and the roof is of a gable design. The design looks like a mini mansion. 

La Selva Semi Detached 

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These homes are flatliners or have flat roof lines. There is a long walkway between the living spaces. There is a long wide brick walkway leading up to the houses. The brick walkway has beige overtures in it and it presents a pleasant contrast to the all white exterior. Each half has a long deep entrance where the front door is nestled. There is a wooden garage door separated from the living quarters that adds a nice rustic look to the structures.   

These La Selva homes look more like buildings than actual homes they are definitely a different looking design. They are compact and offer a decent amount of square footage in each half. 

Cabin Anyone

This 4 car garage home has a rustic cabin look. The four garage doors are prominent being front and center of the home. The roof is a sleek modern metallic slanted roof with long panes protruding from the center of the roof down to the front of the garage doors. The actual structure is made of simulated log cabin-type wood. The home has plenty of living space and it would feel right at home sitting high on an isolated mountainside. You would think it was a vacation cabin it has that type of relaxed vacation look. The roof is a weathering steel standing seam roof.

Executive Calgary Semi Detached 

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You may hold a business meeting in this semi-detached home. The outside structure looks like an office building. It has a wide white gray trim all the way around the home.  Each half has two stories and there are cement stairs leading up to each of the main entrances. The front of the structure has gray stones combined with brick giving it a very professional look. There are plenty of windows giving the living spaces plenty of natural light.

The interior of the homes blends right in with the outside of the structure as the kitchens have medium tone wood cabinets with gray countertops. The island is nice and long sitting in the center of the kitchen. The island has the medium tone wood cabinets and a medium gray countertop. The island has plenty of countertop space to sit two to enjoy a meal. The sink on the island is deep and wide and has a modern curved shaped faucet. In front of the island hangs modern styled lights. The kitchen has plenty of space to move around in. The floor is dark hardwood contrasting nicely with the medium tone cabinets. 

The New Semi-Detached Look

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These types of homes come in a variety of styles. One semi-detached home was remodeled into a new structure from the original 1930’s frame. The homebuilders did an extensive feasibility study with the architect to see if the semi-detached homes would be viable options to build in the surrounding area. All different types of styles of the home were considered and eventually designed and built in the area. 

The semi-detached homes were styled after 1930’s homes to Victorian/Edwardian style homes. The homes were built along the natural curves of the area and road. The newly built semi detached models drew inspiration from the surrounding tracts already built in the area. The materials used to construct the semi detached homes were very carefully considered. The structures are made of timber placed on stone foundations. 

The homes were built very efficiently far exceeding the current building guidelines. The timber homes are insulated in the interior and they have an insulated panel surrounding the exterior of the homes as well. The kitchens feature handless doors/drawers and Corian work surfaces. The kitchens look spacious and have modern-looking appliances and faucet fixtures.

Minimalist Semi Detached Basement 

This particular semi detached basement looks quite spacious in the picture. The space is long and wide with ceiling lights placed throughout the ceiling giving the space a lot of artificial light. There are two small windows on the exterior walls allowing a little bit of natural light to flow into the room. The walls are a plain white and the carpet is a medium tone orange. The front of the space has two stairs leading into the basement. An upper staircase and then a  lower staircase flowing down to the actual room. The stairs are surrounded by glass with wooden hand railings from top to bottom. 

The basement is considered minimalist because the interior of the basements is simply designed with not a lot of bling or ornate design elements in the room. The room was void of any furnishings and the walls were bare with no pictures or other ornaments hanging on them. 

A truly empty space. 

A Barn/Living Space Detached Home

This living is unique in some respects. The structure is a barn/living area. It is definitely detached and would look natural in the country as well as the mountains. The front has a rustic metal, wood, and mountain stone exterior. The barn area and living area boast mountain style wood exteriors and the structure has plenty of windows giving the interior plenty of natural light. Both spaces are accented with rustic tin to give the structure a distinct historical look. 

Clovelly Semi Detached ReModel

This semi detached home has proven to be quite an undertaking. The plan is to incorporate extensive alterations and additions to the existing semi attached portion of the house. This part of the home is attached to a semi that had already been extensively remodeled. To the east of the home there sits a 4 story basic brick unit.

This particular space will maintain many of the ground floor walls but the space will be expanded to lead out to a beautifully landscaped backyard to the north of the home. The first level will have three spacious bedrooms built in the space and the master bedroom will have an ensuite–a bathroom that is offset the bedroom and is apart of the same set of rooms–making the bathroom easily accessible.

The painted pine lines the cathedral-type ceilings giving the space a wide open look. The gable roof runs the entire length of the living space. The second level boasts a nice light tone wooden terrace that the occupants could set chairs out on and enjoy the views. There is room to place an eating table on the terrace so the homeowners can enjoy a meal or two while sitting outside. There is a gray wood space that extends beyond the gable roof which has a classic slanted roof. 

The second floor will be converted into a large utility room with plenty of room for a washer and dryer and may be an appliance or two. It could be a nice exercise space as well. The unit has plenty of windows allowing a nice cross breeze to blow through the rooms in the house. Plenty of natural light can enter the living space as well. 

A Semi Detached Cottage 

This semi detached cottage style home was remodeled from top to bottom. The front of the structure has a quaint cottage style look. The house has two roofs one roof sits atop two spacious bedrooms on the second level and there is a thin roofline around the entire parameter of the home. The upper level has two spacious windows allowing plenty of natural light to flood the bedrooms. The interior of the home was set with new appliances and mechanics all over the home. 

The living, family and kitchen areas were creatively designed. The kitchen has a large island convenient for an eating area and secondary storage space. The home has heated floors throughout the home and it has a large furnace to supply the home with plenty of heat. The front of the house boasts a spacious wooden front porch leading to the front door and it has a large deck and a spacious shed in the back. A nice space indeed and there is a brick pillar built into the front of the house adding to its warmth. To top it off the home has a nice parking pad in the front.

The kitchen in this home is amazing because the outside of the home contradicts the modern kitchen. You enter the kitchen via a set of stairs that has a customized light wooden tone making it look like you are walking down a cottage type set of stairs. The stairs are enclosed with the wall on one side and modern glass panes that extend from the floor almost to the ceiling. The kitchen is cut out from ages yet seen and has a very futuristic design to it. The eating area boasts a luxurious glass table sitting 6 people comfortably. The cooking area is generous with white cabinets surrounding the cooking area. The outside of this semi detached home looks like it was cut in the 19th century while the kitchen defies time as has a 21st century look. 

A Swiss Kitchen

This detached home has one of the finest looking swiss style kitchens. The outer wall has a mountain stone style wall accenting the outside corner. The wood trim adjacent to the stone wall outlines a fake fireplace opening well suited for extra storage. The kitchen contains dark wood cabinets supplying plenty of storage space and over the sink sits two fold out windows with wooden trim enclosing the panes of glass. The cabinets extend almost the length of the kitchen and the kitchen has an island almost the length of the kitchen which seats a small army. The island provides plenty of sitting and eating space. It is as long as a dining room table and provides a lot of extra storage space. If you walked into the kitchen you would feel like you were walking into a swiss mountain home. You are immediately swept to the Swiss alps and countryside.

More about the island it has a preparation area and extension that will fit 4 eating places the island is huge. It adds a nice feature in the kitchen and the cabinets look custom made. It would be any homeowner’s dream kitchen. It has a very cozy feel to it but it is still a very large space.

Advantages of Owning a Detached Home

Advantages of Owning a Detached Home

Most detached homes have a front yard and a backyard. The homeowner creates a garden in the back or front if they want. You can have a nice lawn space in both spaces as well. A pool can also be built in the backyard. 

The homeowner buys a detached home the property is the homeowners. The homeowner can do what they want with their property. There will be no homeowner’s association telling the homeowner what they can and cannot do with the property. 

The detached home provides privacy like no duplex, apartment or condominium can. There is a single family living in a detached home and the family does not have to share any walls with other families or occupants. And a big one of your family will have a lot more space in a detached home and generally, the living space will contain more square footage.   There are other advantages as well.

modern detached houses in Portugal
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Conclusion: The article has discussed some various styles of semi detached and detached homes. It covered the exteriors of these types of homes and their interiors to a limited extent. The article also covered some major advantages to owning a single family detached home. All of thee style of homes can be built in Portugal.