If you want some innovative ideas for small bathrooms in your home. Then stick with this article and read on. There are all types, designs and color schemes out there that you can get inspired from. You can spend a ton of money or a reasonable amount of money in your bathroom. Whether you are remodeling your current bathroom or adding space for a small bathroom there is an idea or ideas in this article for you. We will share some innovative and exciting small bathroom styles with you. There are many styles to fit your personal tastes.

The following bathroom designs are suggested by Bob Villa a legend in the home improvement field. He has hosted a few home improvement shows over the years. He is a household name in the industry. He was born in 1946 in Florida. 

The Transforming Tile

E:\2020\sleep\Graphic tiles for Small Bathroom Ideas.png

The black and white tile design transforms the plain-looking small bathroom into an eye-popping small bathroom. The tile can be run from the floor to the ceiling and the floor may have the matching design as the wall tile. You add a simple white basin with a glass backing. The old-fashioned fixtures add a nice touch to the old school tile design. The glass shelf mounted to the tile wall does not take any visual astonishment away from the tile. Install a toilet and you are ready to go.

The Accented View

Clean Small Bathroom Ideas

This particular bathroom is crisp, generic, fresh and simple in the color scheme. The white is simple and fresh with the bathtub melting into the white background. You have a simple shower fixture and a basic white sink with a brown floating vanity that adds an unexpected accent to the rest of the bathroom. The faucet is a simple, streamlined, futuristic design. The brown vanity is the central visual focal point in the bathroom. Nice, simple and compact is this bathroom design.  

Keep It Balanced

Pattern Ideas Small Bathroom

One thing you do not want to do is overwhelm the space by making it look cluttered with the same design invading the space from floor to ceiling. The homeowners solved this problem by painting the bead boards a deep Navy blue which broke up the cluttered space look and draws the plaid floor tiles, printed wallpaper, and navy blue bead boards together. This pattern breaks up space and really spruces up the bathroom. The homeowners added an old fashioned toilet and basin. Rounding out the look. 

Modern Aesthetics   

Modern Small Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is right out of the space age. The bathroom is a very small space but the way the ornaments are set up the space is simply maximized. The bathroom contains a floating toilet and vanity. The mirror is loaded with led lights to brighten the mirror and the surrounding gray floor tiles adorning the walls. The bathroom is rounded out with large gray floor tiles that have been set on the wall. The look is simple yet intricate and has a very modern flair to it. A very 21st-century look indeed. If you like modern amenities in your bathroom then this is the bathroom for you. The bathroom also displays a modern round sink. 

Mirrors Everywhere

Adding mirrors to a small bathroom

This is another modern slant on the tiny bathroom look. Mirrors dominate this bathroom decor as reflections go wild in this tiny bathroom. The bathroom has side-by-side medicine cabinet mirrors to enhance the illumination under the ceiling lights. The glass shower rounds out the modern look. The bathroom finishes off with a black matte tile pattern. There is plenty a light to go around in this tiny bathroom. Near the shower door is a light brown cabinet complete with a modern circular sink on top. 

Narrow But Deep

This tiny bathroom speaks of tile. There is white subway white accented by gray grout. The shower is a narrow construction with eye-opening bright green tile from floor to ceiling. The green tile is inset into the shower with the white tile encompassing the interior of the bathroom. There is a unique sink with a simple but compact toilet built right next to the sink. The subdued gray grout really makes the green tile pop loudly. Next to the shower is a cubby hole of narrow but deep cedar shelving. Under the shelves is a narrow but deep cedar cabinet. The shelves and cabinet are narrow but they are so deep they balance out the narrow openings. 

Popping Pineapples  

Pineapple Wallpaper for Small Bathroom

The bathroom is a hole in the wall but it brings many eye-popping features. The lower half of the wall space is decorated in a white brick tile. The upper wall space pops with pineapples against black background wallpaper. The bathroom has a rolling towel holder in the corner and a standard toilet and sinks anchored to the opposite wall. It is said that dark colors make space look smaller but the popping pineapples take that visual effect away. The unusual pineapple wallpaper shifts the observer’s attention away from the smaller-looking space to the blinding pineapples. The tiny bathroom has an octagon-shaped black tile pattern to round out the space decor.  

Simply a Sliding Door

Sliding Door for Small bathroom

The focal point of this tiny bathroom is the sliding door that opens up to the tiny space. It is a white farmhouse door that slides on a wooden rail. The bathroom has contrasting floor tile patterns. The first half is subdued gray large tiles that give way to a springy, flowery white tile pattern. The gray subdued tile allows the white tile to pop. The shower has a glass sliding door with large white tiles surrounding the wall space and little gray square tiles filling the floor space. The farmhouse sliding door is a popular door style for tiny bathrooms. 

The Wild Look 

Bold Ideas for Small Bathroom

If you are a free spirit you can really let your personality come through in this wild look bathroom design. This bathroom kicks with a white diagonally-shaped tile covering the wall space. The tile is interspersed with sublime yellow stripes of tile. The bathtub shows a small checkered tile pattern with a plain standard toilet off the side of the bathtub. The sink is a bold blue color that really pops against the white tile background. There is no rhyme or reason for the patterns in this bathroom but is definitely making a statement.

The Snug Look 

Small Limited Space Bathroom  Ideas

This is an all-in-one shower literally. There is a lot going on in this limited space. Within the small space, there is everything imaginable going on. The wall space is covered in white firehouse brick tile while the shower is hanging on one wall. The towel holder fits in the center of the shower stall and the toilet is grounded in the center of the shower stall. If you like a compact bathroom space this style is for you. The space is economically used and not one square inch is wasted in this snug hole in the wall. If you like really small this design is up to your alley. The tie is made of mildew-proof tile material guaranteeing the tile will last forever. 

The Hideaway Bathroom 

hidden half-bath by My Bespoke Room

This very small bathroom space will solve the problem of what to do with the space under the staircase. This is a space that you would walk right by if you did not know it was there. Close the door and you would think it was a closet space under the staircase instead of a bathroom. It is not a half bath it is more of a ¼ bath space. It has a lone toilet anchored to the far wall with dark colored walls surrounding the room. The ceiling is a slanted white shape. The white ceiling adds a nice contrast to dark walls giving the wall space a nice contrast. The dark wall space really pops. There is no basin so the room really be used for emergency purposes. 

It is a fly-by-night bathroom space giving new meaning to the tiny bathroom concept. This is a super-tiny bathroom space. It is the size of small closet space. But it puts the space under the staircase to good use. This is a very unusual place to put a bathroom in your house.

Don’t Waste Space 

Creative Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Since you are starting out with limited space in the first place when planning a small bathroom you want to use every square inch. In this particular style, not one iota of space is wasted. The door opens to the toilet planted in the room as soon as you enter it. You look over to the right and between the wall studs you see recessed shallow wood shelving. It may be shallow but you are using dead wall space. Continuing on the theme of using dead wall space there is a towel rack hanging on the wall next to the shelving. The basin sits next to the toilet. The walls are covered in a small square tile pattern. Maximize the wall space and put your tiny bathroom space to good use.

A Ship Cabin Look-Ahoy!

This particular space is decorated like a ship cabin. The cabin is inset into the white wall and there is a sky window open manually by a hand lever. The toilet sits off to the left of the basin and the counter space can hold towels and other knick knacks you want to display in your tiny bathroom. The wall space is a bright blue wood paneled pattern covering the walls. If you want to you can devise an automated opening sky window. If it rains the sky light could be a problem. The space is cozy but well utilized. There is a mirror set on the wall lit by tiny ornate bathroom bulbs. Like we mentioned earlier the space looks like a ship cabin.

Overhead It

Overhead Storage Small Bathroom Ideas

The wall space is covered in white subway tile from floor to ceiling. The walls are high so take advantage of the space. This can be accomplished by hanging glass shelves above the toilet and on the opposite wall all the way to the ceiling. The toilet sits on the center wall and the basin is located near the toilet.  Fill the glass shelves with bright objects and they will make the whole space pop. Again, take advantage of the high walls and ceilings. You cannot expand vertically but you can expand horizontally.

The space has an aqua-colored clock pinned on the wall opposite the toilet and the glass shelves have flowers and other brightly covered items adorning them. With the right decor in the right places the space really pops.

So far we have discussed a variety of styles of tiny bathroom spaces. You can really be creative with limited space and you need to maximize the limited space you have. We learned you need to maximize or use every square inch of space. You can really express yourself through your small bathroom space. Put your expression and creativity into the tiny bathroom space.

The Dentist Office


This narrow, tight bathroom space resembles a dentist’s office. Everything is snugly placed and creatively situated. It is a long narrow space where the shower is planted in the far corner of the space. There is a window open to the outside world and the bathtub accessories are designed to look like oversized dental tools. The bathtub/shower does touch the sink and the toilet.  

It looks cluttered but it is neatly cluttered. There is not a lot of room to maneuver in the bathroom but the space is functional. The walls are covered in a long tile pattern with a small black checkerboard pattern covering the length of the tub. There is a small mirror above the basin reflecting plenty of natural light throughout the space. The window floods the space with natural light. The white tile really brightens up the space. 

The Space Age Look

Modern Small Bathroom Ideas 2

The look is right out of a sci-fi movie. The space looks like a spaceship cabin. The grayish large tile pattern covering the walls gives the space a very subdued but modern look. The mirror is an extended cube that slightly protrudes from the wall and the toilet sits tightly in the shelf enclave. The two drawer spaces give the bathroom some generous storage place and the white counter snakes around the toilet making the toilet look enclosed. It is a very bare-looking but pleasant looking space. The counter space can accommodate many personal bathrooms and even a boutique of flowers can be set on the counter space to liven up the whole bathroom. The space is very compact but futuristic looking. A look ahead of its time. The bathroom space does not scream luxury but it is very practical and functional. The sink is a white cube with space age fixtures set above it. 


Modern Small Bathroom Ideas

The space looks like a bathroom out of yesteryear. It is a classically designed space. The space looks like a scene from the 1930s the toilet has an ornate design carved into the backside of the porcelain. The tank fits snugly under the narrow counter space that touches the far wall. The floor is covered in an octagon-shaped tile in classic white and brown. There is a three-piece drawer piece smartly set into the wall directly across from the toilet. Making retrieving stored items very easy and practical. The window is a custom church pane window. There are two mirrors hanging above the basin to offer plenty of illumination in the space. There is a white band of trim accenting the beige-colored walls. If you want an old-fashioned look this space design is for you. 

The Streamline Space


This space is what is called the modern minimalist look. There are the bare essentials designed into the space. The space is long and narrow with all the appentures streamlined in the space. You look down the length of the space and you see a shower exposed with no protective barriers. It is apart of the open wall space. The far wall space offers a small window dug out of the wall. There is a basic sink sitting on a basic metal frame. 

There is a simple toilet paper holder with a little storage space carved into the wall opposite the basin. There is a simple towel holder hanging off the wall. The wall tile is in a large prison block tile pattern. The space is painted with white and gray with the two colors not blending together. The colors are painted distinctly apart as half the wall space is painted with one color that stops. Then the other color clearly picks up and covers the other half of the wall space. The only space that really pops is the rectangular-shaped dark tile pattern covering the floor. 

Conclusion: The above 18 small bathroom designs can be implemented in any home anywhere in the world. All it takes is a little creativity and honest expression. And you can let your personality express through your own small bathroom space. These ideas are for inspiration purposes as well as you can clone the ideas in your own space as well. All the ideas are affordable and can fit just about any budget. Let your imagination go wild in your small bathroom space.