Fantastic Ideas for Small Kitchens
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Small kitchens fit right in with the small prefabricated house concept. Or tiny house that is now sweeping the country and changing the way people live. Small seems to be the buzz word of the day. If you have a small space you may as well customize it to your personal tastes.   

Once you start planning for your small kitchen you need to keep in mind that have to use every square inch to the fullest because you will not have a lot of room to work with. Use as many space saving ideas as you can and you will enjoy your small kitchen to the fullest potential. Design the small kitchen in a way that you can enjoy it for years if you plan on staying in that space that long. 

Brilliant Small Kitchen Ideas

Brilliant Small Kitchen Ideas
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The key to a brilliant small kitchen space is using creativity. Making sure the appliances and the colors of the cabinetry flow and melt together. Use the ideas presented here by top interior designers who took bold cabinetry, double duty accents and smooth lighting to make the kitchen pop and visitors say wow!

Black and White It

Black and white ideas for small kitchen

This small space has a dazzling white marble countertop, and padded black stools to accent the marble top. There is an eye-popping white background wallpaper with sharp designs pasted on it. Smooth artwork hanging on the wall adds that right feel to the rest of the kitchen.

Swimming Kitchen 

Fantastic Ideas for Small Kitchens

The kitchen pops with bright blue cabinetry and a glossy blue door on the bottom next to the silver dishwasher. The sink, cabinet, dishwasher are all laid on the wall maximizing the small kitchen space. The white wallpaper glistens with glossy blue objects tying the cabinet, and dorr together. It is simple but extravagant the design definitely catches the eye.

The Maine Look

Great Ideas for Small Kitchens 2

This kitchen space screams of a watery main lighthouse look. Set in 3-D space the kitchen has a bright white island leading the way introducing the off white-colored cabinets in the background. The backdrop looks like white colored marble and the wire bar chair accents the island. The kitchen has the feel of a Maine lighthouse look right out of the 19th century. The design is simple but provocative and you can get pleasantly lost in the white fade. 

Welcome to Greece 


The small kitchen space is set in a Greek homestead. It boasts a counter that is poured concrete which will last two lifetimes. The classic window trim and cabins give the kitchen the Ol Greek world feel. The color is custom to highlight the rest of the kitchen. The stainless steel double sink accents the look.  

Bohemian Blitz


This kitchen is framed right out of a space age magazine. The long narrow counters are made out of gold marble the dominant hood well overshadows the stove and oven. The stainless steel has an other worldly look and the floor looks like tiled cement. The clear table highlights the kitchen. The hang down light accents the whole look of the kitchen.

The Black Forest Look

DARK AND SLEEK Small kitchen ideas

The kitchen has the deep 70’s look that pervades Monaco. The white cabins bring a nice contrast to the black countertops and black doors. The oven cover has a very modern look in the 70’s backdrop and the small, black wooden table accents the small kitchen space. The large double glass doors lead out to a swell landscape in the background. The metallic cabinets blend well with metallic door framing.

Brown on Brown

This kitchen cabinets have a chocolate-brown lacquer look making the small space shine. The light reflects off the cabinets making the space look deceptively large. The microwave is handily set into the cabinets but the chocolate covered cabins and doors melt into the chocolate covered wallpaper. 

Air it Out 

Bright and Airy Small Kitchen Ideas

Feast your eyes on this naturally brightly lit kitchen. It is styled in the plain white, brown swirled marble countertop. The walls are white with the stove area set in with a white-tiled backdrop with a blue pattern accenting the backdrop. The steel hood cover blends with the steel stove. There are two copper circular lights hanging down overlooking the marble countertop. Alfred Hitchcock is approving looking over the small kitchen space. The kitchen is so bright, there is no need for natural light to flood into the space.

A Neutral Slant   


The kitchen exudes a modern, neutral look. A head bust accentuates the white marble countertop with a Venetian picture from the 1780’s hanging on the far wall. The drawers below the white marble countertop give the whole piece that desk look. The black marble countertop across the kitchen contrasts the white countertop nicely. The wire-framed transparent top above the white countertop gives the kitchen the ultra modern look. The metallic hood cover blends nicely with the rest of the kitchen. Two black upholstered chairs fit nicely under the desk. 

Charcoal Anyone  


The minor kitchen space looks bigger than it is because of the way the kitchen was laid out. The space boasts a white marble island in the center of the room. The deep charcoal colored cabinets blend a nice contrast to the white marble island and the white walls. A brick covered pattern set into the wall gives the space and interesting twist.   

Come to Connecticut

This is a rustic country kitchen look. Windows surround the space allowing plenty of natural light to flood into the space. You feel like you are eating in a glass dome. The white island is placed squarely in the middle of the space and boasts a nice wooden top. The stove sets in the white surrounded cooking space. Three high black-leathered chairs complement the island. The white cabinets to the right complete the rustic look of the country kitchen. 

Come to Paris    

Paris small kitchen ideas

This is a classic Paris kitchen if there ever was one. The kitchen is framed with tall standing wooden cabinets. The glass doors highlight the cabinets and the far window allows plenty of natural light into the space highlighting its uniqueness. The fireplace accents the kitchen and the table and chairs are right out of the Napoleon dynasty.  

A Modern Country Look


A 1930’s Connecticut weekend kitchen is transformed into a 21st century masterpiece. The space contains two hanging 1920’s English pendants that accentuate the whole kitchen. Underneath the lights is an island with a white marble homed top perfectly matching the pure white island. Two stools and a 19th century heirloom surround the modern island. The far wall is covered with a white brick evenly cut. The window leads out to an inviting front yard. 

Modern Manhattan


High above the city this all white kitchen is nice, clean and compact. Streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. The windows invite in plenty of natural light to highlight the entire space. The white island with the marble top is nicely nestled to the left. The white lacquered cabinets make the kitchen pop. The stainless steel oven hood sits nicely in the enclave right above the stove. The walls are white to blend with the rest of the all white kitchen. 

Blinding Yellow 


The bright, yellow, vintage silk paper makes the whole kitchen space pop. In the corner of a kitchen sits a round white circular marble table with two regency chairs lined with blue silk cushions. Vintage artwork hangs on the wall and lost in the masterpieces sits a flat screen TV by Samsung. Be prepared to wear sunglasses when entering this bright yellow kitchen. 

Amber Away


This small space has the classic 19th century look with orange strategically placed to make the whole kitchen pop. The ceiling is painted in a textured orange and the floor pops with a sleek floating orange and black pattern. The large square windows sitting above the sink invite plenty of natural light to come flooding in to highlight and accentuate the unique design of the kitchen. The orange and white backsplash coupled with the dark brown old styled cabinets and countertops gives the kitchen a brilliant contrast.

So far we have shared some startling ideas you can use to spruce up your kitchen space. The combinations and schemes can make your kitchen pop and you can express yourself through your kitchen design. You can choose your own budget in making your dream kitchen became a reality.

Swiss It


The small white kitchen has a white wooden floor with a narrow walkway leading into the rest of the space. The cabinets look like hanging ice boxes with pure white drawers set right below the cabinets and two black handles make a nice contrast with the all white interior. And a very unusual piece makes the whole kitchen pop. A purple wall accentuates the small white kitchen tying the space together. 

Grand Paree

luxury look for small kitchen

This small kitchen space is covered from ceiling to floor with wooden panels that silhouette the dimly lit kitchen. It is uncommon for a kitchen to be decorated with wooden panels but it really gives the small space a traditional but unique look. The wooden panel design complements walnut veneer island which has two leather bound stools sitting on the front side of the island. The refrigerator and the oven carved nicely into the wood paneled wall. Five modern light pieces hang from the ceiling to illuminate the kitchen.    

Gray Out

GREY AND WHITE HUES for small kitchen ideas

This quaint little farmhouse kitchen space is decked out in gray and white hues that complement one another. The kitchen window introduces the observer to a scene taken from a Norman Rockwell novel. Mid Western sets the tone for the whole kitchen. The cabinets are painted Cornforth white which complements the whole mood of the country kitchen. The white marble countertops blend well with the white walls and cabinets. The stainless steel hood cover and oven accentuate the all white and gray kitchen. A very inviting and homey space indeed. 

An Unforgettable Look 

wood and marble cabinets for small kitchens

The kitchen is small but loaded with fine wood-and-marble cabinets with two miniature wooden poles holding the upper cabinets and lower cabinets together. The lower cabinets have eloquent hand-carved designs on the face. The cabinets were christened by an artisan from India. The cabinets speak royalty and would be fitting adorning a palace kitchen. The blue wall and carpet are a nice addition to the kitchen. The cabinets and blue walls and carpet complement one another nicely. A very luxurious but small kitchen space really makes this space stand out. A circular one-of-a-kind light fixture hangs from the ceiling giving the kitchen an out of this world look.

Closed Quarters   

cozy small kitchen design

A very cozy kitchen indeed dresses this Greenwich penthouse. A bold blue door bids entrance to this enchanting space. A green farmhouse sink is skirted by a brown hanging curtain that extends the exterior of the sink. The faucet and faucet handles are out of the 1950s. The kitchen is full of contradictions with a very country-looking kitchen set in a modern 21st century penthouse. The kitchen boasts a french antique chest with a french sconce directly above it. A very small but inviting space.

Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to Alice in Wonderland the kitchen popping with Rose Quartz wooden panel walls and a bright starry blue cabinet. The kitchen looks like it was taken right out of a fantasy and is a small space but the bright colors make the space look bigger than it is. The countertop is made of white marble adding a sleek contrast with the red and blue decor. The kitchen is very busy with a cozy two chair sofa straddling the far wall. You will never forget this kitchen the colors really pop. 

A Weekend Retreat  

Stylish small kitchen ideas 2

If a person wants to get away from a bustling work week this kitchen is the perfect refuge for that quiet getaway. The kitchen is small but very homey and comfortable. The sink is made of white marble and is set with a Kallista faucet and the countertops are fitted with a brown veneer. The stainless steel stove and hood cover sit lazily to the right of the countertop. The island is made of Ceasarstone and the cabinets are painted in Aganthus Green. The space ties together nicely. There is enough room to entertain friends or family.

Ocean Ahoy

An oceanside kitchen if there ever was one. The tiny space speaks ocean living and beachside fires. The floor is painted in a deep sea blue as well as the door leading into the kitchen. A unique seascape hangs above an antique butcher cutting block. Antique copperware hanging on the far wall speaks of an ocean scent. Many mariners sat in this kitchen telling their sea wayfaring tales. The kitchen has the lighthouse look written all over it.

A Carved Look   

CRAFTSMAN COTTAGE small kitchen look

The cabinets are custom made and they looked like they have been lacquered and they shine making the small kitchen space look bright. The countertops are black marble which does not see a lot in the kitchen these days. The kitchen is a narrow walkway set in a 100-year-old cottage. There is a rolling cutting board in the middle of the kitchen adding depth and extra cutting space in the kitchen.  It is a one-of-a-kind kitchen. 

White with Accents


The kitchen is all white broken up by wooden pieces here and there. The backsplash is a white tile with gray accents in it or hues. The countertops are made of Calcutta Gold marble and there are three stools for handy access to sit and enjoy a fine meal. The stools have wooden tops and white metal frames to complement the white interior of the kitchen.

A Brass Kitchen


The kitchen is set in a country home in India. The home is owned by the Kasliwal family owners of the illustrious Munnu the Gem Palace. Back to the kitchen which is a converted cowshed so there is not a lot of square footage in the kitchen. The space is decorated with customized wooden cabinets and brass urns are scattered all over the shelves. The countertops look like they are made with white marble with gray hues throughout the countertop. 

The Sharp Look


The small space is neatly packed with every conceivable appliance and utensil a kitchen could have. The floor is oak painted with black octagons throughout the floor. The floor has a definite subway pattern and the countertops are made of the highest quality marble. The stove is stainless steel and the cabinets are made of wood painted a bright white. 

Conclusion: We have shared small kitchen space ideas from all over the world literally. The kitchens are of all colors, hues and styles. Some have a space age look others are more historical in appearance and there were many country style kitchen spaces in the mix as well. 

The kitchens are all ideal and unique in their own sense and the kitchens are luxurious in every sense of the word. The kitchens range from the very high end of the budget to the middle of the road budget range. They are unlimited ideas in this article and surely one of these beautiful kitchen spaces will meet your desires and dreams.