For trends to have started at the beginning of the 21st century and to still be eye-popping and head turning it has to have some staying power. They must have characteristics that are universally popular and attractive to succeeding generations. They must have redeeming qualities that the people living in the space will never grow tired of and they need to evoke a passion in people that they will never grow tired of trends. Trends must be unique and common place to stay alive in the 21st century.  

Trends of 2020

According to this fashion, expert trends will come and they will go. But they may be defined as “fads” because they only last for a season. In one year and out the next year. But other trends are legitimate trends because they may last for years. Trends do not necessarily have to change homes but they could update homes it depends on what homeowners want to do with the particular trend(s) that may catch their eyes. 

One trend that has lasted for years is the “Nordic trend” which continues to refresh and delight homeowners year after year. We will discuss some popular trends for 2020. Trends usually will have key colors and key pieces in them that make them a dazzling trend.

Know that if you think you are unaffected by trends or you dictate your interior design by the happening trend your choice of interior design has been affected by a wider trend.

1. Undefined Energy

Interior Decorating Trends That Continue to Mark the 21st Century

This particular trend takes its inspiration from the abstract expressionist movement. This movement consists of bold geometrics–designs taken from geometric designs–, hand-drawn sketches, and playful blocks of colors. There is no rhyme or reason to this trend but colors are placed freely in the interior design and they are very bright colors. The themes are free-spirited and the colors will evoke strong emotions from onlookers. The colors are so bright they will invade your eyes and the line forms are the dominant features in this decor. There seem to be hand drawn images throughout this interior design. The abstract element pays a big part in this trend. If you enjoy abstract fluidity this trend is for you. The colors are arranged to blend together and the biggest focal point of the color scheme is putting bold colors into combinations. You may try burnished red with navy, or mustard with mauve. 

This trend can be showcased in any room in the home. The trend has won our hearts and it will be very popular in 2020 but beyond that only time will tell. 

2. Keep It Simple

Simple Interior Decorating Trends

The main driving force of this trend is rooted in the Nordic retreat that sprung up in 2019. The interior look is to create a space that a family can go and chill out in. The many color themes are warm, casual colors beiges, browns, tans you know the warming neutrals. The point is to create an inviting casual place to hang out. 

This trend replaces the bold and loud colors with the colors mentioned above. It is to evoke calm and serenity in all who sit in the space. It is supposed to help you relax in your home. If you have a stressful job this type of interior will help you to unwind and relax. 

This trend can be used in any part of the home but it probably would not be useful using it in the bathroom. It is especially effective–if you place it with a dark color to accentuate it. It is ideal to use a pared back pieces, again, it is best if the furniture is a neutral color to match the rest of the interior look. 

Another reason people use this interior design is that they want a home that is simplified but does have furniture throughout the house. They will avoid having a sparsely furnished house because they don’t want their home to be a minimalist home. These people like crafted, artisan pieces, raw materials, unfinished pieces and a basic simple look. Textures and tactile qualities are taking the place of bold and loud colors. This expert suggests you switch to warm colors and neutral colors. Beige and oatmeal are perfect to meet these Color requirements.

3. Honestly

comforting cushions, throws, knits and faux furs interior decorating

If you have a knitter in the house this look is perfect for your home. This design uses a lot of kit pillows and furs, throws to help make any space feel comfortable. The look will keep your house warm and cozy throughout the winter. And it will see you through the spring as well in style. 

The color style of the design is one of a cool, natural look. The recommended color scheme is cool mossy green, teals, cool blues, earth colors, greys with warmer pinks and browns. The trend focuses on the natural earth look like a scene from a forest with a running brook along those creative lines. 

The coming season is supposed to be soft colors, decorative details, are central for bedding and textiles. The trend is supposed to elicit feelings of comfort and a safe haven to relax in. Which your home should be one anyway. 

You would choose this trend for your home because it is your personal haven and a casual retreat for you and your loved ones. You don’t reserve the home for the best and you will not make it your personal showpiece but you want it to contain easy but luxurious furnishings. This trend reflects soft sink-in sofas and hearty tables to gather around. You can imagine it like your family gathering around a picnic in the woods. It gives your home a woodsy and natural feel and looks.

You can use it in any room you value in the home which really should be any room in the house. It can be set in a country cottage or a weekend get away cabin. Any place that has character and places that have bare wood beams. Parquet flooring is a nice setting for this natural trend as well. You can add a class to a new buy as well.

4. Eclectic Beauty   

bold, confident and sassy take on the glamour interior design trend

This trend is born from the Retro Revival but this trend for 2020 has a more loud and bold look. This is a creative reimagined trend that mixes the elegant1930’s look with the modern flair of the 1970s. So, this is a unique trend mixing two decades together in the look. The pieces need to fit together and make sense in the space. You don’t want to overstack the look with either decade style. You want to balance the look so it reflects the effect you are trying to communicate.

Thus using the looks from the past decades gives it a retro feel. Shapely furniture with rounded curves and fluid shapes is the focus of this theme. If you can imagine 1920’s chairs with scalloped-shape backs and soft contours. 

To make the trend work you need to pick key rich blue or ruby pieces with warmer tones like ochre, rose, and bronze. You may think about throwing some copper and gold in the mix. Put some bling in there with mixes of metallic. Use some of the shiny metals like gold, burnished copper, brushed brass and bronze. 

You must be a bold person to entertain this trend in your home. You can make a very luxurious and royal statement in whatever space you choose to showcase this trend in. You can make your home look like a palace and you can make your home a very flamboyant place to reside in. You can throw glam cocktail trolley over here and an extravagant wallpaper over there. The wallpaper can be hung in the dining room as well. 

Velvet is reigning supreme for the next few seasons according to one interior decorator. You can add velvet to highlight any part of this trend and velvet always ushers in royalty. The 1930s invades the 1970’s in this trend and you can throw some tassels, fringe and piping into the space as well.

Set a plush sofa with some gold trim in the space and add a couple of cocktail chairs to round out the look. Weave gold and brass into the furnishings in all the key spots in the space. You can really make a dazzling statement with this trend in your personal haven. Set your budget high for this trend because it will cost you some money. But it will be a very nice look indeed. It will bring your personal space to the next level.

5. A Little Taste of Japan

Japanese interior design element

 This trend is taken directly from the far east namely Japan. The trend has been subliminally appearing in the undercurrent of the interior design world over the last few seasons. But the trend has/will come into full expression this season. This autumn/spring the trend is really making its statement as big retailers are aggressively showing the trend in their showrooms. 

The retailers are presenting their clientele with collections of rich silk textures, beautiful bird motifs, stylized oriental prints, and deliberate furniture shapes. The trend is picking up steam and growing very popular among homeowners. 

But the trend mixes two very popular cultures together the Japanese culture melting with the Scandinavian culture. Thus the name Japandi which is a mixture of the two cultures together. The trend expresses Japanese minimalist with Scandavian simplicity. The trend will not overwhelm the space but it will make it cozy and relaxed.

The hybrid trend brings two of the beloved cultures together to make a dazzling statement in any living space it is placed in. This trend is for the natural person who likes the theme of simple is good and less is better. The theme consists of a relaxed repertoire of furnishings and low subdued colors. 

It will give your space a very relaxed, casual and exotic look and feel. The mystique of the orient and the beauty of  Scandinavia will shine through this theme. The color theme is rooted in calming colors such as pale blue, muted green, light gray and pink, accentuated with richer shades such as teal, indigo, rust, emerald and black. Mix furniture offerings with pale blonde Scandi woods with Japanese-style black and dark wood to give depth to the space.    

The scaled down look will work in any room. In small rooms, you can place pieces in such a configuration that it allows the smaller rooms to breathe. The bigger rooms can look open and larger with a few strategically placed dark pieces of furniture. You can use these pieces in open-plan spaces as well. This trend speaks of less quantity and more quality. 

If you favor the minimalist point of view this trend will be for you. You will make a statement of simplicity with this trend. You can put the pieces in such a way that it will not make the rooms look like they are sparsely furnished. The cost of this trend will not be too expensive but probably for a middle of the road budget. For lighting, you can insert a bamboo floor lamp in the space to give it ambient lighting keeping the space in a state of calm perennially. 

6. The Classic Nordic Look

Nordic interior design

This may be one of the most popular trends to come into the interior design world in years. This trend is a scaled back trend that emanates beauty and simplicity. Take note this trend is still alive and well and maybe around for years.

It is a serene Scandi style current with patterns and textures actually it has been updated with patterns and textures. The trend is layered with different textures giving it an expressive but calm mood in the house. It is an understated look but it will make a major impact in your space. 

The trend will give the homeowner a refuge they can escape from the world. The trend has different textures to give the space an extra added depth. In 2018 the look boasted a global-theme fit but in 2019 it has been scaled down. 

So a trend may last for years and it may maintain the same look or it could drastically change from one year to the next. But the basic elements of the trend will still be there making the trend identifiable. It may be different colors, forms, furniture, and shapes but it will still be the same trend.

The key colors for the current Nordic retreat look will be neutrals from canvas white to natural bluff. The trend has a real earthy look to it. It gives a mood of serenity and calm to all who occupy the space. It is a very quiet, subdued look to help the tenants to escape from a hectic and often busy world.  

7. The Retro Fused Look

bygone era interior design look

This nostalgic trend highlights an era gone by. It celebrates the 1950’s and resurrects the simplicity of that decade. But it does not stop with the 1950s because it has traces of the 1970s in it as well. The trend covers all of the 1950s and 1970’s nothing held back. It made a strong expression in 2019 and it could be around for years. The trend’s color theme is Mustard, Night Watch Green, and Tan.

Mustard seems to be the main color theme this year as a well-known website says it has increased by 45% in interior living spaces. Last season mustard was coupled with Scandi neutrals to make quite a look. 

8. The Gentle Tropics

softer format, diluted by a desaturated colour palette interior design

This trend boasts a celebration of life in a loud and boisterous way. Botanical prints are delivered in a softer format than previous seasons. It has more of a diluted look than before as well. There is a painterly look to the trend making it less imposing than out-and-out tropical palms. The look still gives the feel of being in a tropical paradise. 

So, if you cannot make a trip to Hawaii or the Caribbean you can bring these tropical paradises to your interior living spaces. You can have a daily Hawaiian getaway in your own backyard. This was a very popular trend that birthed in 2018 and continues strong in 2019.  

Pal prints are pillow fabric is the main strength of this trend and it gives your home a very natural and tropical look that will relax family members after a hard day at work. You may have the feel of taking a vacation every time you step into your home.   

Conclusion: We have talked about the setting trends from the last season or two and trends that will dominate in the upcoming seasons. The interior settings are priced on the low, middle, and high end of the budget. There is something for everyone and some of the more popular trends will last for years. Others will come and go in a season or two.  

We have looked at trends from different parts of the world and each trend expresses a specific mood and atmosphere in the living space. It depends on what trend you want to decorate the interior of your home.