How to Have Custom Fitted Wardrobes at Reduced Cost
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How do you get customized fitted wardrobe to hold your clothes at a reduced cost? A basic wardrobe costs from $1000-$5000 and a walk-in wardrobe may cost up to $30,000. You can buy a custom fitted wardrobe at a reduced cost by building it yourself or buying one on sale. There are other options you can choose as well to get a custom fitted wardrobe at a reduced price. 

You may consider purchasing many models that IKEA has to offer. You can find a customized wardrobe fitted to your particular needs for a very reasonable cost. But before we talk about these options let’s talk about why a household needs a customized fitted wardrobes.

Need More Storage

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Are you hanging clothes in the bathroom or the garage? Are you storing clothes in the car or are you living out of your car because you don’t have any room in your bedroom for more clothes. Free standing fitted wardrobes can hold so many clothes or whatever you want to store in them. This seems to be a major problem in households today but there are solutions. One solution is to have a built-in customized wardrobe built right into your bedroom.

It will naturally fit into the existing space and it will picture naturally right into the existing space. It will multiply the storage availability in your bedroom. It is said that they will increase the storage room exactly 3 times. This is a good increase of storage room. The clothes can be taken out of the bathroom, garage and the other bedrooms in the house. The clothes can even be taken off the roof. 

It is an Investment

You will spend some money but it will pay off in the years to come. It could even be a lifetime investment. So, it is definitely an important investment in your life. But one thing to keep in mind is that a built in wardrobe cannot be moved when and if you move to another house. A free-standing wardrobe can be moved.

On a Budget

If  cost is a concern then you can get in touch with a company or retailer that has customized fitted wardrobe that fits into your budget. If you have the money a furniture company can build one for you but it would be costly. 

Ask Others

Ask friends and other people you trust about different companies and different wardrobe products. Read reviews and see what others are saying about the product you are thinking of buying. Go to showrooms and look and feel the products you may want to buy. Also limit the choices to three so you can make a decision on which one to buy. If you opt to have one built check out the references of the carpenter who will build the unit for you. Get a history of the carpenter’s work and see if he/she produces quality work.

Plan Ahead  

You will want to have a future fool proof plan. Pick a company that will handle the project from beginning to end. The company should also help with the design and installation of the unit as well. Choose a fitted wardrobe that will meet your personal tastes in years to come. 

The Doors

Think about the size of your bedroom so you will choose the proper dor size for your unit. If you are short on space pick a unit that has folding or sliding doors so it will not take up extra space in the bedroom to open doors. If you have a small bedroom you may think about purchasing a unit that has mirror doors because it gives the illusion of making the room look larger. It also provides a large mirror without taking up further valuable space. 

Measure and Measure Some More

Measure the room height from the ceilings to the floor on both sides and in the middle. Custom fitted wardrobes can be built to fit the exact dimensions of the room. They can be built on hardwood floors and carpets. If it is built on a carpet the unit may sag over time because of the carpet. 

If there are any protruding areas of the bedroom where the unit will be built take it into consideration so the unit will be made tailor-made and flush to fit in the bedroom. If an outlet cannot be moved that is unsightly then a fitted wardrobe can cover it. 

Decorate before Installation 

Decorate before you have the unit is installed because they will be on show once the unit is installed.   

The Interior is Necessary

Just as you want a beautiful exterior make the interior beautiful and useful. Make sure the company who designs and installs the unit builds the interior to meet your storage needs.

IKEA Fitted Wardrobes

White Wardrobe Pax

This unit cost is only $465.00 dollars which are very affordable. It is white and as nice on the outside as it does on the inside. It comes with a 10-year warranty. You can adjust the unit using the PAX planning tool to suit your needs and wants.  

The adjustable feet will compensate for any irregularities in your bedroom floor. Using the PAX you can use integrated lighting and after you choose the lighting it will help you choose accessories with the lighting. 

You can choose interior accessories for your storage needs but they are sold separately. It will take two people to assemble the unit. There are different fasteners for different types of walls. Your ceiling has to be 85 ½ inches. If the ceiling is 791/2 inches then follow the installation instructions.

White Pax Forsand White

This unit comes with knobs but the knobs are sold separately. The unit costs $470.00 and it too comes with a 10 year warranty. But it must be assembled by two people. The planner will help you to select any accessories you need. This product requires hinges. You can adjust the interior to meet your storage needs. This unit also needs a wall anchor to anchor it to the wall. 

A Tall White Wardrobe

The unit costs $330.00 dollars but take note it is based on selected options. The more options you choose for the unit it will increase the cost of the unit. But considering some units will run into the thousands this is one deal you cannot beat. It will still cost only a few hundred dollars. This unit can be assembled upright if the ceiling is a minimum of 96 ½ inches high. 


You can build your own Kleppstad storage area by adding shelves. Separate shelves can be purchased separately to customize your own storage space. One clothes rail can hold twenty shirts or hangers. One shelf will hold 20 pairs of pants or 40 t-shirts.  This wardrobe can be bought for $99.00 and extra shelves will increase the price of the shelf. This unit comes with a 10 year warranty.

White Pax 

The unit comes with a limited 10 year warranty like the other units. This unit will cost $855.00 but this is still reasonable. You can fit this unit to your personal needs using the PAX planner and you can use interior organizers from the Komplement series. Like usual the unit comes with adjustable feet to compensate for irregularities in the floor. You can use the planner to choose some integrated lighting and then the planner will work out which accessories you need to complete the solution. This unit is wide and contains plenty of storage areas. There are accessories that can be put into the unit to enhance your storage of clothes and other items. This unit is white in color as well. It has much more room than the other units discussed. 

The unit can be wiped with a damp cloth and a soapy solution. It is a low maintenance unit and it is made of 50% renewable materials. The clothes rail is made of steel and an anti-corrosive powder coating. The divider is made of SAN plastic, a divider for the frame is made of foil, particleboard and fiberboard with honeycomb paper filling, and the unit contains many other materials as part of its construction. These units from IKEA will fit any budget and you must install them yourself but you can save a ton of money purchasing the units and you can build them to your desired use. 

Build a Fitted Customized Wardrobe

custom fitted wardrobe designs

Another option to keeping the cost down on a fitted wardrobe is to build it from scratch yourself. The project will take about one day and it is not hard to build one. The cost is between $100-$500 dollars. If you have a messy closet or you are short on storage space then this one day project is for you. 

You can purchase a ready-to-make kit and build it yourself. You will find them online or in your local brick and mortar home center. You can pick and choose the components for your unit from different manufacturers and customize it to your preference. 

We will discuss in this article 3 different do-it-yourself wardrobe units. The units range in cost from $200-$500 dollars and consist of laminate or fixed wire or they could contain a combination of the two. The structure is basically a tower made of drawers and shelves that is the focus of the unit, single closet rod one side for long clothes and stacked closet rods for hanging shirts and folded pants. The website the information came from gave installation tips that you would not get from the manufacturers.      

Laminate Storage System

This unit is particleboard with a hefty baked on or thermally fused melamine resin coating. It offers a variety of drawers, doors and finishes. 

It is twice the price of a wired system and a coating on less expensive unit scratches and chips easily. Heavy objects will cause the laminate to sag over time and the particle board will melt if moisture gets into the board. 

Combination Laminate and Wire System

Combines the economy of a wired system with the built-in look of a laminate tower. So, you can add more storage to the unit. Look out for these limitations. If you buy a unit that will only share components and accessories that will fit with that particular unit. 

Make sure when you buy pieces from different systems that the shelf and drawer depths and colors match your existing system. If this is not done a lot of money and time will be wasted.     

Wire Storage System

The wires allow you to see clothes easily and keep the clothes fresh. The air circulates through the clothes. This will eliminate the need to take the clothes to the dry cleaners or run them through the washing machine more often.

Adjustable wire systems are more expensive than fixed wire systems by 15 to 20 percent which is a big increase. Adjustable wire systems need more hardware and are harder to install. These are the three systems that we are talking about that can be installed by the homeowner. 

What to Look for  

Once you are in the store labels will not tell you anything so look for components you can compare between units. Such as putting the wardrobe unit in the entry hall where wet shoes and clothes will be continually be stored. 

Pick wire shelves that have continuous hanging rods because they allow hangers to slide along the long rods. Adjustable racks have vertical standards, horizontal tracks, and movable brackets to allow for plenty of flexibility with storage. A vinyl-covered wire is thick and rubbery and an epoxy-covered wire is harder thinner. 

Design Tips

custom fitted wardrobes
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Before you buy a new wardrobe or build one. Take all the clothes out of the closet and really see what clothes you need and which ones you can throw away. You know the clothes you cannot fit into anymore or you have not worn for years. 

Investigate units with different components made from various manufacturers and mix and match these components to uniquely customize your unit. By doing this you can save yourself loads of time and money. Ask the manufacturer’s rep what components can be interchanged with different units.

By doing this you can really customize your unit to fit your particular tastes and desires. You can also save money by mixing and matching components and accessories. Also, you can really personalize your unit to meet your storage needs and personal desires. 

Take advantage of manufacturer’s web sites and get free help with designing tips and buying components for the unit. Plugin your closet measurements and storage requirements and get storage design plans broken down into individual design plans. All this help for free take advantage of it. You can save time and money. You can take these parts lists and order them online or take them to the store and pick out the parts.

Tower components and panel sections are available in standard lengths and  widths. Tower components are either 16 to 25 inches wide and 12 to 18 inches deep. If you want more closet and hanging space then you will want to choose the narrower tower space. It makes sense to get the deepest tower you can because front space wasted is impractical. 

Keep hanging rods at the right height and length and they come in short, medium, and long. Use the following measurements:

Hanging rods longer than 36 inches may bow under too much weight from clothes. It will cost more but it will be worth the cost. 

Conclusion: We have discussed some options in the article so you can afford to buy some customized fitted wardrobes for a reasonable cost. You can customize these units to your needs or desires. 

You can opt to buy a more expensive customized wardrobe that will cost thousands if you so choose to. But we have shared a few options that will save you a lot of money and meet all of your storage needs. There are so many options to choose from on the internet that will meet your needs. 

You can also buy a unit on sale or you can buy one and build it yourself. If you build it yourself this will be the cheapest option.  Like we mentioned you can buy a unit for thousands of dollars and get a very nice unit. You can have one custom built by a carpenter which will be expensive as well. But we have offered some reasonable options for you to consider. 

IKEA offers hundreds of options in their inventory that will not cost a lot of money or break the bank. Most of the options will cost hundreds of dollars. If you add options to your unit, it will cost more money. You have many options to choose from that will save you storage space and will not break your wallet.