Mezzanine - a Trend That Is Here to Stay

It seems that mezzanine–a low story between two others in a building, typically between the ground and first floors–are in vogue today and they may be here to stay. You can really enhance the space in your home and use it for more practical purposes when you add a mezzanine to the equation. You can fill that space with a mezzanine and use it for very practical purposes. In this article, we will share some ideas that you can use in your own home once you build a mezzanine. Or if you already have one in the house then you can learn what you can do with the space. You can also visually make the space look longer and more appealing with a mezzanine.

The Wooden Effect

mezzanine that is built under a skylight

This house boasts a mezzanine that is built under a skylight. The natural light floods through the skylight lighting up the whole mezzanine area. The name of the house is the Algarrobos House and the wooden mezzanine is built over the kitchen and the dining room and the mezzanine is covered in natural light–as we said before–as the light floods through the skylight. The mezzanine is made of equal beams.

The Social Place

social place mezzanine

The cowshed house was designed by Carter Williamson Architects and the mezzanine is the highlight of this social hot spot. The room has clerestory–the upper part of the nave, choir, and transepts of a large church, containing a series of windows. It is clear of the roofs of the aisles and admits light to the central parts of the building–windows showing off the beautiful floor plan in natural light. The bedroom mezzanine runs the gamut of the roof pane and fits snugly under the roof pane.

It is up to the homeowner how much they want to spend on the mezzanine and how much space they want it to take up in the house. You can build as big or small of a mezzanine you want in your home. It can really add extra storage room or it can be made into a whole other room. It could even be big enough to be another bedroom. There are so many things you can use a mezzanine for.  They can be built to fit so naturally in the chosen space and it will seem like they were always apart of the space.  

The Space Saver


In a small apartment in Poland, which is a whopping 312 feet of living space that was enhanced with a mezzanine. The architect firm solved the space shortage nicely by building a mezzanine above the bathroom and hallway and under the ceiling. The mezzanine becomes the bed area nicely solving the space crunch and the mezzanine was incorporated in the original design. It enhances the living space without much effort. It looks like a natural part of the living space. It is a semi-mezzanine but it looms big as a bed can now be put into space.

The Connecting Look

oriental warehouse mezzanine

This space is the oriental warehouse which is constructed of two levels. It has a whole mezzanine level as the top floor. The mezzanine level formerly had opaque guardrails that were replaced with glass guardrails. The glass guardrails give the visual effect of the top living space connecting seamlessly to the lower living area. The mezzanine level contains a shower and a library. The upper mezzanine level expands the whole living space giving the space a whole other level of functional living space. The mezzanine level fits perfectly in with the lower level.

The French Wow Factor

French Mezzanine

The French apartment is divided nicely into two living spaces by the mezzanine occupying the upper living space. The dark walls are split up by the mezzanine and a large wooden rail helps to divide the living space nicely. The apartment celebrates the mid American look influenced by Le Corbusier’s. This apartment has limited living space and building the upper mezzanine level may double the actual living space without actually having to expand the original living space. 

The Grand Italian House/Studio

Italian House Studio mezzanine by Studioata

It is said to have a contemporary slant on the mezzanine look. The house has wooden insertions constructed throughout. The architect ingeniously designed a desk mezzanine in the house that can be reached by a floating staircase. The staircase seamlessly flows upward into the desk. The mezzanine saves living space by creating another level without expanding the original living space. The desk is basically made of four pieces of wood connected together and the middle of the desk is transparent.

A Converted Living Space  

stunning mezzanine part of Dutch architects

This is a Dutch living space-converted from a church–is beautifully designed into a seamlessly living space. The mezzanine has a bathtub built on it and it is built over a set of glass entrance doors. The mezzanine is built out of what looks like white metallic beams. The church was redesigned from the church into a liveable loft. 

An Industrial Bachelor’s Loft

industrial bachelor mezzanine loft

Maxim Zhukov designed this industrial loft living space. He designed an upper mezzanine above the bed and built a desk on the mezzanine which is directly over the bed area. It levitates over the bed area and can be reached by a set of floating stairs. The designer creatively uses the living space and the loft was designed as a bachelor’s loft. The desk/railing compromising the mezzanine is oriented toward the window. The study area looks out over a nice view. 

A Converted Convent

coverted convent mezzanine

The mezzanine sits above the dining, kitchen and eating areas. The mezzanine contains a sofa and other pieces of furniture. The mezzanine is accessed by a floating staircase and partially overhangs the hallway. The mezzanine is called a chic mezzanine for whatever reason. The convent was originally designed by Napoleon’s wife–Josephine–in 1750. So, this structure is over two centuries old. But the living area is modern in all respects.    

So far the mezzanines we have discussed serve all types of purpose and they are creatively designed into the living spaces. They come in all types and sizes but we are not done discussing mezzanines. We have many more to discuss in this article so read on. 

Build It All

Mezzanine Wrigley Loft

This mezzanine is in a re-designed a Wrigley loft inside the Wrigley building in Toronto, Canada. The company–who did the construction–made the upper mezzanine area a bedroom but the bed is in a compact area. The home office is under the mezzanine with translucent doors leading into the home office. The office can be hidden or visible. The office either hidden or visible can change the whole appearance of the living space. 

The New York 1960’s Retreat

Messanine New York Urban Retreat by Paul Rudolph

The designer created dark wooden floors to mesh with a white sunken platform. The mezzanine represents an upper living area and there were not many changes to be made to the living space. One of the upgrades was installing a glass wall around the mezzanine area giving the living a definite visual connection throughout the living space.  

Little Venice Living Space

Mezzanine House Little Venice by Wells Mackereth

The living space is a 1960’s luxury apartment space. The bathtub was built in the upper mezzanine area. The lower living space is adorned with a classy bed with glass doors off to the right of the bed. The living space is very luxurious but the space is a bit cramped. There is no privacy when you sleep or bathe. The space boasts a 1960’s chandelier. The bed sits directly under the mezzanine.

The Mezzanine Home Office 

Mezzanine modern home office

The mezzanine home office sits in the upper region of the living space. It sits snugly under a sloped roof with slim mezzanine fences blocking off the mezzanine. One who works in the home office will feel connected to the rest of the living space because of the see through rails. Plenty of natural light floods the living space. The living space design is very creative but simple.

The Futuristic Place 

Modern futuristic Mezzanine

The house overlooks the Thames River in London, England. The upper mezzanine is bordered with a high railing of glass giving the home a futuristic look. The mezzanine has a long hallway and the light shines through traveling throughout the house. The light illuminates all the beauty and luxury of the interior of the home. The glass railing bordering the mezzanine keeps the living space visually connected.

The Privacy Factor

Privacy factor mezzanine

It is said that white spaces will make your favorite colors stand out as it attracts light into the living space. The mezzanine is directly above the kitchen as it serves as the bedroom area. It is supposed to be a private area but it is not very private. You can see the bedroom as soon as you walk through the front entrance. This living space was decorated with modern furniture to give it a modern look.

The Panoramic View


From the mezzanine area, you can see beautiful trees and blue waters in front of an endless horizon. The mezzanine fronts as a simple but spacious bedroom. The mezzanine has glass railings so the views will not be lost. You never want those beautiful views to be obstructed.

It seems that many modern mezzanines have glass railings to keep the space defined and to keep the visual continuity and keep all the living spaces connected. Glass railings are the rage for mezzanine spaces this day.  

The Renovated Barn

Renovated Barn Mezzanine

The living space was renovated for modern ties from a 15th century barn. The space has a mezzanine that stands tall above the kitchen and dining area. The mezzanine is where the residents spend their downtime enjoying the living space. The living space was converted from a barn that was obviously used for other purposes. The mezzanine has recurring glass railings which you will find in a lot of mezzanine areas.  

The Living Wall Space

Modern Mezzanine design

This living space has an upper mezzanine that hosts the kitchen, dining and living areas. The lower living space has a living area as well. What makes the mezzanine area stand out and unique is that it has a living plant growing down the glass railings. Stairs connect the lower and upper living areas and the space is 21 century modern.

A Small Space

Modern Mezzanine design 2

It is a Gothenburg apartment with a long and tall mezzanine area and a bookcase from floor to ceiling. The mezzanine can be reached via a floating staircase. The mezzanine has a bed and a TV pinned to the far wall. It is a compact living space for a single person to dwell in. The mezzanine is long and high as we said before. 

The living space is all white with plenty of light flooding through the wall-sized window. The interior is all white and the space boasts a floating mezzanine bed in the upper corner of the living space. This allows for a maximum living space. Two floors to ceiling bookcases cover both walls and the kitchen fits snugly in the corner of the space.

Spanish Bungalow

Modern Spanish Mezzanine Design

The living space boasts a lower living space and a mezzanine that serves as a second floor. The Mezzanine is accessed by a floating staircase with a glass railing sloping up the front of the stairs. The mezzanine also has a glass railing to close it in. The use of the glass railing in front of the stairs and the mezzanine save square footage while making the living area look bigger than life.  

The Converted Chapel 

Modern Mezzanine design converted chapel

The living space has a unique-looking mezzanine instead of the standard railing to section it off. It has a desk built across the length of the mezzanine with an antique-looking timepiece set in the center. The mezzanine area appears to be the bedspace with a staircase leading up to the roof. The lower living area has a ranch look dispersed with modern furniture throughout the space.

The Simple Space

Modern Minimalist Mezzanine Design

The space is simple and functional. The space is layered with a lower space and an upper mezzanine with openings on opposite walls that compromise the mezzanine while stairs lead up the mezzanine. The upper level is the bedroom area while the lower levels house the dining and TV areas. The living space is shaped in a cube with an all-white interior. 

The Triple Form

Modern Mezzanine Design 3

The living space is divided into three layers with the mezzanine occupying the second and third levels. Each mezzanine is accessed by two staircases with metal railings. The first level contained the kitchen and dining areas. The other two mezzanine areas contained the living spaces. The second level has a library from the floor to the ceiling so this could be the reading room.

The Tiny Space

Modern Mezzanine Design 4

The space is compact and orderly. The lower floor contains the social/kitchen areas. The mezzanine level is the bedroom area that is tucked neatly over the kitchen. The space is a nice, cozy cubicle apartment. It is definitely a living space for one person. It is designed for a young person to live in. Their first living space.     

The Warehouse Space

Modern Warehouse Mezzanine Design

The Dutch are known for living in brightly-covered living spaces. This space has a mezzanine which contains the kitchen and dining area on the second level. The staircase cleverly doubles as a staircase/bookcase. A unique living space indeed while the kitchen is placed in reversed order in the space. Normally, the kitchen is on the first level, not the second level. The space was converted from an old harbor warehouse. It is located on an island.

The White Warehouse

Modern Mezzanine Design White Warehouse

Another white interior showcasing an island mezzanine housing the bedroom/bathroom. A metallic staircase accesses the mezzanine and the whole space was converted from a white house. The all-white interior is highlighted with light brown furniture throughout the spaces.

Gothenburg Two   

This modern space has the mezzanine designed in the most effectual use of the space. It houses the office area which consists of a cubby-hole sized desk with a bookcase from floor to ceiling. The interior is all-white. The white interior is a very popular color for interior living spaces. 

The Slanted Space   

Guess what color the interior is? Yes, you guessed it white. This space is defined by wooden floors on both levels. The mezzanine contains the living area and the lower level has the dining/kitchen area. The roof is slanted and the wooden floors really liven the living space up.   

We have discussed all kinds of functions that mezzanines can serve and how if they are designed and placed strategically in the living space they can increase the actual square footage. 

Conclusion: It is said that mezzanines are coming back into vogue this day. They are appearing all over the world in many sizes, shapes and they are being used for conventional and unconventional uses. We have discovered one living space that had a floating bed that served as a mezzanine with a floating staircase to get to the space.

One living space had the oddity of having a kitchen in the upper mezzanine area along with the dining area. This is unusual because you normally find the kitchen and the dining area on the ground floor. This is one of the many functions that a mezzanine can be used in unconventional ways.