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Modular concrete homes can practical and economical at the same time. They will last a long time because concrete is durable it may crack over time but it will stand a long time. The cost of modular concrete homes can be reasonable in comparison to traditional homes. They come in many styles so let’s started in our discussion about concrete modular homes.

Studio RMA Concrete Homes

Studio RMA Concrete Homes

The company has been building concrete modular homes for a while now and they offer different styles and shapes of concrete modular homes. Their homes are durable and made from quality materials. 

They pre-cut into panels that are made of structural foam with wire mesh attached. The panels are interconnected and then sprayed with a concrete layer. The final product is built like cubes connected together. The houses are made of a concrete mix that is supposed to save the homeowner 60% over traditional cement or cement block. The material consists of 7% cement. The binders in the cement make it bulletproof. This is a concern if you live in a dangerous environment. 

The houses can also be fitted on piles where the homes are built in flood-prone areas and on beaches or riverbanks. Building a house on a riverbank may not be the safest thing to do no matter what the house is constructed of. 

The company has had plenty of experience in building its homes in remote places where homes are not usually built. The company designs its home so that it can be shipped in parts making it cheaper to transport the homes anywhere in the world. The homes are sent to the site and put together on site and because the parts are so easily shipped they are very cost-effective. In places where concrete or concrete blocks are too expensive to fabricate then the concrete mix used in these homes is ideal to keep expenses under control. The parts are easy to ship and these homes are perfect climate change homes that are built in areas that experience climatic changes.

The company can build small structures as well as large luxury homes. The company built one house that can contain 120 people and 60 cars at one time. The company builds in Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Southwest, Florida, the South, and the Pacific. So, mainly the company constructs homes in warm regions and humid regions.

DRM Modular Homes

This company offers prefabricated cement homes at reduced costs and the homes are durable. The company’s architects provide many services such as planning, designing, constructing form, space, ambiance–the character of the home–which will take into consideration of aesthetics and functional and environmental considerations.  

The company promises to build prefab cement homes that will fit your needs, desires and lifestyle. The homes will meet your unique set of values and the final product is affordable. The company not only constructs homes but apartments, and buildings. Keep in mind that they will build the structures to whatever requirements the owner has and they offer unlimited styles and interiors. As we mentioned before the architect team will create drawings, plans, and technical specifications of the space. 

The homes are structurally built to code and they can be planted in many parts of the world. The homes are constructed to withstand severe weather conditions and they are affordable. Once the parts are made they are efficiently packed and sent to wherever they need to be shipped to. 

The houses are built on time and on budget and the houses are built quickly.

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The cement homes provide flexibility through the design and construction phases of the home. One of the most popular material choices in the world for homes to be built are cement homes. Cement is durable and it can withstand hurricanes and tornadoes. It is also resistant to insects and fire. These are some reasons why cement prefabricated houses  among homeowners worldwide. 

The company claims that using prefabricated cement panels in bathrooms and bedrooms and in the interior of the house has been favored by engineers for a long time. They are low cost and they are durable and stand up to all kinds of abuse.  It also offers a drastic reduction of on-site-labor time and costs overall. It also reduces the entire time it takes to construct the home. The company believes that cement construction is the most ideal and economical for homeowners. 

Cement components are manufactured by industrial methods that build large quantities of parts at a low cost and fast turn around because the demand for cement homes is on a large scale. The homes are built to be used on all types of terrain and in many types of weather conditions.

The beauty of the manufacturing process division and specialization of the human workforce with the use of tools, equipment, usually automated in the production of standard, interchangeable parts and products. It is said if cement was invented today it would be considered a miracle material because it is the most widely used material used in building in the world today. It can be taken for granted for this reason but it is very cheap to make and build with.

It is often overlooked the limitless possibilities that cement provides for building and using prefabricated cement panels for a home is the way to go according to the company. 

Many countries used prefabricated building methods to meet housing shortages in these countries. This was especially true in Soviet Union, the Eastern Countries in the latter half of the 20th  century. Cement may have been one of the common materials used in these prefabricated building methods.

The advantages of using cement in building a home are numerous. Cement is durable, flexible which can be handy in areas prone to earthquakes. If the earth moves under the house the cement is able to absorb the energy from the shockwaves and it is flexible enough to bend so it will not crack and crumble.

Modular Concrete House Ideas
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The durability and flexibility of cement can be applied both in all the design and construction stages of the home. This gives the homeowner many options in the design and construction of the home. The homes are built fireproof which saves the homeowner the costly expense of having their home fireproofed and it is also will have a great fire rating.

Concrete construction is very fast and durable and it very inexpensive to complete a structure. Another fabulous benefit is the cement home can be built in any severe weather conditions including harsh winters. Where can you find a material that is low cost and can withstand any type of violent weather? Modular prefabricated cement homes are extremely sound and versatile. They can be built to be aesthetically pleasing as well. 

It is built to last a lifetime and as we said before it is hurricane, tornado, proof. It is resistant to water damage and mildew and mold proof, energy efficient, warm in winters and cool in summers. They are low-maintenance as well. Cement prefabricated homes are almost too good to be true.

DRM is a well-known name in the cement prefabrication home industry. They export their prefabricated cement homes to a global market and as we said earlier it is one of the most reputable companies in the industry. The company achieved a respected reputation by consistently building high-quality cement prefabricated homes all around the world. The company listens to the homeowner and fulfills their dream of the ideal prefabricated cement home.

The company homes come with the option of solar wind energy which can be economical. The homes are constructed with steel frames and walls of concrete using eco-friendly materials. Again, these structures are delivered around the globe.  

The company will construct the complete package for its customers such as all the aspects of the interior of the home. This includes electrical, plumbing, solar, wind, cabinets, windows, molding, doors, and much more. The company delivers cement prefabricated homes that are of high quality, durable, economical, transportable, timely, and customizable. They are expanding their global network to reach more customers around the globe. The company is dedicated to its customers and they are continually building on their knowledge of cement prefabricated processes.

The company will do all they can to establish a long term relationship with its customers. The company wants to help you reach your dreams not impede your progress. Reasons to have the company build your cement prefabricated home:

  1. The company will build your tomorrow and they will build your dream and engineer your reality. They build high-quality products
  2. No cement prefabricated home building project is too small or too big. The company offers high quality, honest, and great value for your money
  3. Build it right by building with concrete because it costs less, lasts longer, and looks better. You can bet the company’s homes will last a lifetime or two.
  4. They will listen, plan, and build according to your requirements and build you a quality structure you deserve and you can depend on.
  5. The key to the company’s success is to help you get acquainted with your dream and enjoy the rest of your life.    
  6. Green architecture and smart design guarantee the house will be completed from beginning to end. The home will be sustainable for a lifetime.
  7. To fulfill your customized cement prefabricated home project. The slogan is to let our commitment be customer satisfaction. 
  8. Growing the business and expanding the cement prefabrication home product line will make the customer feel like they are coming home–literally–to quality.
  9. The organization believes in building strong communities by building superior cement prefabricated homes. The company wants to build strong customer relationships.
  10. The company handles your vision with a broad perspective and advanced building home design.
  11. Easy navigation on the website provides the customer to easily access the company’s vast cement home product line.
  12. The organization delivers materials directly from its location providing fast delivery and construction times. This allows them to keep shipping costs and other charges down.

Precast Concrete Homes is Catching on

Precast concrete homes may not be mainstream in the market yet but they are making major strides. More building professionals are finding out–what some architects, engineers, and home professionals–have known for a while. Prefabricated cement homes offer many advantages during every stage of building and years beyond. There were two precast cement homes built thousands of miles apart in markets that present very different styles. But the common thread is the homes are beautiful and very durable. Isn’t this what every homeowner dreams of having a home that is long lasting and beautiful? 

These particular first time homeowners desired a home that was structurally sound, beautiful, and that sound would be kept within the confines of the home. The expectations were met with a precast cement home. The home was designed by John Pederson and supplied by Northeast Precast located in New Jersey. 

The precast cement floor planks that occupied the first and second floors ran the entire length of the home. This would not be possible with traditional wood floor joists. “Normally in a home of this width, you’d have a center beam on every floor or walls that support the floors,” said Kenneth Baur, P.E, an engineering consultant for Northeast Precast. “But prestressing this precast floor system enables you to create long spans with light section weights and not have problems with cracking. And since the planks are insulated, there’s a very little sound transmission between levels.”


Another benefit is if the homeowners want to change the floor plan the walls can be refigured to allow for different designs. 

The precast cement system is built right in the factory as opposed to on site cast cement. This allows for a high degree of control on the part of the manufacturer. 

The company was able to build the most challenging part of the structure–a gabled wall with windows which normally cannot be built even in precast homes. The manufacturer was able to create a custom form to reinforce the heavily reinforced wall. 

The company will build a design before they build the final precast product. This way they can work out all the problems so they can come up with something that is functional within the parameters of the precast system. The gable wall was a pivotal piece in the home because it can withstand the torrid New Jersey winds. Baur thinks the company will be able to install windows during the prefabrication process. Then the manufacturer can close in the structure as the walls are constructed. 

In a matter of days, the company was able to prefabricate–28 feet long by 8 feet wide–and 36 panels measuring from 9 to 13 feet–to create the basic precast structure. Basically the house was constructed in days. 

A precast cement home has many advantages including speed which was noticeable on the building site. The precast system allowed for fewer workers to be present on the worksite which the homeowners enjoyed because it cuts the construction costs for them. 

Another advantage is the walls already contain built in chases in each galvanized stud allowing for wiring and plumbing to be installed immediately. Another time-saving feature of the precast cement home. Additionally, each stud contains a facer so workers can hang drywall much quicker than using traditional building methods. The walls also contain insulation and the floor has an insulation system. This reduces the need for more insulation to meet the building codes.

The precast home does cost more upfront but down the road, the construction savings will quickly add up giving the precast home another advantage over a traditional home building. There are many advantages to building a cement precast home as well as time-saving considerations. Time does not allow us to discuss the second home discussed on the website.

Modular Concrete House Ideas

Conclusion. We have talked about various companies install or build cement prefabricated homes. Cement is a popular building material used in the world today. It is practical, economical, and enduring. It offers many time-saving components during the actual building process.

In many cases, the homes can be built within one week which is much faster than the time it takes traditional home. Different phases of building prefabricated cement homes can take just days. The same construction phases could take months to build on traditional homes. Overall, cement homes are cheaper to build than traditional homes.    

There are so many options and styles and companies on the market today that specialize in building concrete prefabricated houses. They can offer you a million different exterior and interior styles as well as floor plans. They have experts that will gladly customize the houses according to the personal design and taste of the homeowner.

If a design or facet of the house cannot be built the experts will tell you it cannot be done and they will help you come up with a better option. They will establish a relationship with you. You will not walk through the process by yourself.