Pladur: advantages, disadvantages, waterproof pladur and prices

For starters, we need to define what Pladur is. It is definitely involved in home construction, in fact, it is a basic step and material in the home construction process. It may or may not be for you it depends on what you are looking for in your personal home construction. Let’s get started on our story about Pladur.

What is Pladur

what is a Pladur

Pladur is formed from plaster and cells and it can be manufactured in different lengths, widths and thicknesses. It is like a drywall construction it may serve the same purpose as drywall. It is said to have been developed in the United States in 1890. Pladur can be waterproofed to protect against the elements and keep the exterior of the house from being damaged from water seeping through the walls. 

Pladur Gypsum


Pladur gypsum is a company that manufactures many different types of pladur products for the home construction industry. They build solutions for internal partitions for all types of applications. Here are some of the products:

Pladur Fonic-it is laminated plasterboard and it is manufactured by 100% organic very thick core lining on both faces. It is specially formulated and this combined with its high density to make it more resistant to impact and it will diffuse airborne noise from the exterior. It will make any home, building or whatever project it is used in soundproof. You will have a nice quiet living or working environment to function in. 

Pladur 1-is a gypsum plasterboard that is made of 100% organic core with a unique cellulose layer covering the top and bottom of the board. The gypsum core and the cellulose layer are thick which –like the PladurFonic board–makes this gypsum board resistant to impact damage and outside noise.

Pladur Omnia-is made of a very high-quality 100% high density plaster core that has been made with a waterproof lining on the top and bottom of the board. This product is waterproofed unliked the previous two products discussed. It also includes a special cellulose laminate. The fiberglass that is built into the core helps to fireproof the board. 

The waterproofing element helps to reduce the risk of moisture seeping into the material and keeps the material safe from water damage and the chance of water absorption into the material is highly unlikely. The material is resistant to impact damage and it is noise resistant to the outside world. This is due to the material being manufactured by special formula and it has a very high density factor.

The common thread in these products so far has been that they are manufactured in such a way that they are all resistant to impacts and they greatly reduce the effects of noise from the outside. One of the products is made to be fire resistant and is equipped with a waterproof lining to keep water from absorbing into the material that will not cause water damage to the board. The pricing varies and the more features the product has formulated into it will increase the price of the product.

Pladur F-is a standard plasterboard type made according to the standard EN-520. It is manufactured with a 100% organic plaster core with ingrained fiberglass making it resistant to fire. The cellulose covering both sides of the material gives it a distinct pink color. 

Plasterboard, type F

Pladur Ultra L-Tech1-is plasterboard that has a 100% organic plaster core made with a lightweight technological formula and waterproof lining on the top and bottom. It also has a special cellulose face, again, on both sides giving it extra protection and durability. This product comes in green. The waterproofed lining protects the material from water/moisture absorption and will protect the board from water damage. This will prolong the life of the material.

Pladur N-is a standard plasterboard composition, type A, following the EN-520 standard and is manufactured with a 100% organic plaster core line on both top and bottom with a cellulose sheet. The cellulose sheet is observable by its unique pale gray coloring. The cellulose sheet should protect the plaster core from cracking, breaking, or shattering.

Pladur CH-is a gypsum plasterboard made with a gypsum core and fiberglass with waterproofing treatment and a special cellulose layer covering both sides. The material is made of 100% organic gypsum core. The materials thickness will protect it from impact damage and the waterproofing treatment protects it from water and moisture damage. The water cannot be absorbed into the core of the board. Plaster can become very messy if the water is absorbed into it.  

Pladur Synia 4BA-is laminated plasterboard made of a 100% organic plaster core lined on the top and bottom with special cellulose. The 4 borders–longitudinal and transversal–are thinned which should not compromise the integrity of the material. The laminated plasterboard is maybe as strong as the gypsum plasterboard. The laminated plasterboard is cheaper than the gypsum plasterboard. 

Pladur Magna H1-another laminated plasterboard made of an organic 100% plaster core that has been waterproofed. The top and bottom are lined with a specially reinforced cellulose sheet that makes the material mechanically strong and fights fire and noise absorption. It will keep your home peaceful and quiet inside. The waterproof will protect the material from moisture, humidity and water damage. This protecting the material and extending the life of the laminated plasterboard.

Pladur Ultra L-TEC-is laminated plasterboard of very basic construction. It is made with a 100% organic plaster core with a super light technological formula lining on the top and the bottom. Both sides contain a unique cellulose facer. This will make the product scratch resistant, noise resistant and it will reduce outside noise. It is not waterproofed so water can be absorbed into the material causing water, humidity and moisture damage. The board will warp and be compromised if the water is absorbed into the material. The material has a white color on both outside surfaces. 

Pladur H1-is made of type H21 from the EN-520N standard–which a couple of the other products are made from the same standard–of course is made of  100% organic plaster core and this material is waterproofed. This will lower the water absorption into the material limiting water, humidity and moisture damage. The cellulose on the surfaces is green. This material will really be compromised if any water does absorb into the plaster core of the material.   

Plasterboard, type H1

Pladur Ultra-Tec- is laminated plasterboard made of 100% natural plaster core with a very light technological lining formulated to be put on both sides. The plasterboard also has a special cellulose facer on it. This may be a more updated product produced by the company. It comes in a light gray color.

Pladur H1-is a plasterboard formed by the EN-520 standard type H1. It is made with organic 100% plaster core–which every product is made from–and the product is waterproofed. This will prevent the product from being damaged from water, moisture, and humidity. Water can really damage the plaster in the product. The water treatment is a very good material saving feature. It is a green color.

Pladur Magna-is plasterboard manufactured from 100% organic plasterboard core lined on the top and bottom with lined cellulose sheet making the material a lot stronger than if it did not have the cellulose lining. This product is fire retardant and very resistant to noise.It will keep your living space quiet. The 900 mm making the product easy to carry and install. It is beige in color.

Pladur A1- is a non-combustible board and is very resistant to fire. This means fire cannot get through the material  avoiding the tenants to breathe smoke. The house also will be protected from destructive fire damage.                  

The above boards come in blue, green, light gray, mustard, pink, and white so a person has a few choices of color to choose from. Each board has some common elements in its construction but they all serve a different application for the materials they are associated with.

Cementex Board Accessories 

Cementex Board Accessories

Pladur Joint Tape Cementex PG-is a strong self-adhesive alkali resistant fiberglass for cementex joint strengthening. Application: apply the tape in the first layer of Cementex RM finisher and finish with a second coat of finisher. The beuth of this fiberglass tape is that acid cannot eat through it and cause serious interior damage.

Pladur Cementex-is a cement-based board with high durability fibers in its core. So the interior is very strong and should last a very long time. It may be cracks resistant as well. The boards are manufactured using Hatscheck technology under the autoclave process which gives the boards dimensional durability and mechanical strength. It is a long lasting material.    

Pladur Cementex Screws-will fix or hold together cementex boards and the screws have anti-corrosion coatings on them. This means they will last for a very long time. They are high-quality and high durability screws. 

Pladur Primer Cementex PG-ready-to-use synthetic dispersion for priming Cementex boards. The primer will protect the cement walls from all kinds of hazards allowing the home to last much longer. 

Pladur Finisher Cementex PG-this is a ready-to-mix finisher for jointing and skimming. It will hold those joints for a very long time. The benefit of this finisher is it dries quickly and adheres for a long time.

Pladur Accessories

Pladur Accessories

Pvc-is PVC for expansion joints and they come in the form of springs. There are two different types that are flexible in the center and hard on the ends. It has the flexibility to bend but it will not break at the ends. What is the difference between the two types of Pvc is not made clear? 

Pladur Access to Metal Click-access panel for  laminated plasterboard systems formed by a frame and a closing door. It is not clear really what the function of this accessory is.

Pladur Access-this is an access for a laminated plasterboard systems and is formed by a frame and closing door. It may be that through this access there can be maintenance performed on the plasterboard systems. 

Pladur Access Metal Llave-same as the product discussed directly above both doors are white

Pladur Access Plano-this product serves the same function as the two discussed above but this one is green and white

External Corner Protection-Profile made by PVC making it flexible and adaptable to the surface that needs to be protected. The material will bend to the shape of the curvature of the surface. Both edges are perforated to  to help with joint treatment.

Curved Edge Bead-PVC, angle formed by a perforated wing and a straight wing. The perforated wing is precut to allow the material to curve giving it a lot of flexibility in installation. It will last a long time and has a wide range of applications. It comes in white.

There are a lot of products offered by this company to assist in any type of pladur construction but unfortunately, there are no disadvantages of the product discussed and really the advantages are not clearly given either. No pricing could be found for any products discussed above. The products offer all types of applications for pladur construction. 

Curved Edge Protection-the PVC product is basically the same as the one discussed directly above but there is a basic difference between the two. This PVC product has wings and one of the wings is precut with V-shaped holes giving it flexibility to bend around the material. It is white in color.

Intumescent Acoustic Sealer-is an acrylic sealer to seal and achieve greater acoustic tightness, fire protection and allows passage of smoke. The sealant is fireproof which is huge. So many sealants are sensitive to fire and will catch on fire and make the fires burn out of control. And this sealant is porous so the smoke can pass through it. This product is fire resistance which helps to prevent interior fires. The sealant may be free of hazardous chemicals as well making breathing easier.

Corner Tape- a hefty tape which is made of kraft paper and is waterproof. It also has two thin beads of steel on the interior of the tape. It is micro perforated preventing moisture from absorbing into the tape. The tape has a super adhesive element to it. Once it is applied it will never come off and it is very durable and long lasting.  

Acoustic Tape-is a tape made of synthetic fibers and polypropene  and is self adhesive in nature. It may be a pretty durable tape and last a fairly long time. It is not as strong as the tape discussed directly above. It is a cheaper quality tape and maybe less expensive as well

Screw PM-the beauty of this screw is that it is a self-drilling screw that is used to adhere plasterboard to metal surfaces and is up to 0.75 mm thick. A durable screw indeed because it can penetrate metal surfaces.

 Pladur Ceilings

Pladur Ceilings

Now we get into some heavy duty pladur products namely ceilings.

Pladur Fon+C12/25 SE-these are continuous ceilings that compromise which are unique in design and features. These ceilings have a thickness of 13mm and have square perforations and they are durable and last longing.  Pladur Fon includes a different type of ceiling and is a trademark ceiling of this company. These ceiling boards have square edges.

Pladur Fon+R12/25 TE-are perforated ceilings with manufactured of boards that are unique in terms and design and this ceiling too has a thickness of 13mm. This ceiling has round perforations instead of square perforations and the perforations are sized at 122m each and are 25mm set apart. The boards have tapered edges. A heavy duty, durable and long lasting ceiling.

Pladur Fon + Aletoria  R18-15-20 SE-this ceiling is also different in design and features like the other types of ceilings discussed. It is 13mm thick and has random perforations. Pladur Fon+decor includes a different type. These ceiling boards have square edges.       

Pladur Fon+C8/18 TE-unique in design and features as usual and it is 13mm in thickness. It has round perforations in it. The perforations are 8mm thick and spaced apart by 18mm. The ceiling boards are tapered at the edges.

Pladur Fon+C18/18 SE-unique design and features again like all the other ceiling types. Is 13mm thick like all the other ceiling types and has square perforations. The ceiling has square edges. 

The company offers several different types of pladur ceilings to fit every taste and structure. A homeowner has many different models to choose from it depends on what the customer is looking for.

Pladur Ceiling

Conclusion: This article has investigated the main products of Pladur Gypsum which is located in Madrid, Spain. The company is one of the few pladur manufacturers in the world and they have a very nice complex in Spain. The company offers many products, accessories, and ceilings for pladur home construction. The company did not offer any pricing on any of its products. The company also did not offer what the advantages or disadvantages of using pladur. Pladur may be a rare product used in construction but it is really not known if this is true or not.