What constitutes the 10 best mattresses in the world? What makes them better than all the other mattresses on the market? They have to stand out above the rest head and foot. They must be what the customer is looking for and it must be comfortable. The mattress must be soft and pliable, so pliable that it will contour to the body of the sleeper. It would help if it alleviates the pressure points on the sleeper’s body. 

It needs to be easy to move around within the bedroom and if one person –highly unlikely–that could move it by themselves this would be ideal. The mattress should be free of toxin materials in the design of the mattress and each side should be adjustable to set half of the bed to however the sleeper wants. Of course, it must have more favorable reviews than negative reviews and it should every need and desire the sleeper wants. A reasonable price will never hurt either.



Nectar sleep is the first top manufacturer we will look at. The manufacturer offers the longest trial to use the mattress according to the website. The company offers several different sizes of their mattress obviously at different prices.  The prices are as follows:

  • Twin size mattress costs $ 449.00 39”x75”x11” and weighs 45 lbs.
  • Twin X-Large size mattress costs  $512.00 39”x80”x11” so the width is 5 inches wider than the normal twin-size and it weighs 48 lbs.
  • Full-size mattress $ 629.00 54”x 79”x 11” weighs 68 lbs.
  • Queen-sized mattress costs $719.00 weighs 74 lbs.
  • King-size mattress costs $ 899.00 76”x80”x11” weighs 89 lbs.
  • Cal-King size mattress costs $899.00  72”x84”x11” weighs 89 lbs. The cal king mattress is wider but shorter than the regular king-size mattress but it costs the same as the king-size mattress

So here is a list of the sizes and types of mattresses the company has to offer. The prices are measured in there for good measure. Each mattress has several layers to its construction. And the laters are all of the same lengths but they are made at different thicknesses.  mattresses come with 5 standard layers The top layer is a gel-filled quilted cover and it absorbs body motion and contours to the shape of the body. It is a well-constructed mattress probably one of the best on the market.

The mattress is a 5-layer foam construction as we mentioned before, medical grade Visco elastic memory foam, Hi core 9.2  grade transition foam, high vegetable base super core 5lb support, and Tencel long staple fiber removable cooling cover. It also has nonstop airflow as the mattress was constructed that way intentionally and there is no transfer of motion to the partner sleeping on the mattress. This means that you can move around freely without disturbing your partner. 

Another great thing about this mattress is that it will fit any type of bed. Whether it be a box spring, divan bases, conventional frames, adjustable frames, and platform beds. Another great thing is this mattress designed to fit all types of beds and the pricing is reasonable. Currently, the company has knocked off the price of all types of mattresses. Some mattresses were lowered by $100.00 dollars. The company will allow the customer a one year trial which is supposed to be the longest trial period on the market.   


Leesa Mattress

Leesa has three signature mattresses and the original mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Cal King which are the standard sizes in the industry. The company gives a free 110-day trial for the customer to test the bed out. No strings attached and there are no charges during the 100 day trial. 

This mattress is a 10” multilayer all foam mattress with comfort to meet the needs of all types of sleepers stomach, side or back sleepers. Anyone of these types of sleepers will feel comfortable sleeping on the mattress. It is a medium soft mattress with three layers for a comfortable sleep for any customer. It also contains a responsive comfort layer, contouring memory foam. Breathable poly-blend and it is the company’s original all classic mattress.

It has a 10” height and weighs 45-92lbs. And all shipping is free and it has a 10 year warranty and there is a 100-day free trial. The company will give you 0% APR through Affirm and one mattress is donated for every 10 sold. The customer has the option to have their old mattress removed and they can the new one delivered. There is no mention if there is a fee for the mattress delivery. If the mattress is delivered through UPS it is free shipping. 

The next mattress to be discussed is the Leesa Hybrid mattress which is another top seller for Leesa. This mattress has great sleeping comfort for side and back sleepers with great pressure relief and support. The innermost spring is bouncy and memory foam contours to the body accurately. This mattress has a responsive comfort layer, contouring memory foam, and has a reactive pocket spring base. 

It has a breathable poly-blend cover, hole-punched comfort layer for solid airflow, and pocket spring coils for less heat retention. This gives the sleeper a much cooler sleep and the person will not be sleeping in a pool of sweat. The mattress has 1,000 individually wrapped pocket spring coils. It has an 11” height and the mattress weighs 75-142 lbs. The benefits are the same on this mattress as on the original mattress.

The next mattress is a newcomer to the Leesa family. It is called the Leesa legend and it is becoming a popular selling model for Leesa. This mattress is also fit for back and side sleepers but really not suited for stomach sleepers. It has the most advanced pressure-relief and support. It has a responsive comfort layer, contouring memory foam, reactive pocket spring base, and targeted relief dual hybrid layer. It has a breathable poly-blend cover, hole punched for good airflow, pocket spring coils for less heat retention, and merino wool for moisture-wicking heat dissipation. It also has 1,000 individually-wrapped pocket spring coils and it has high-density perimeter coils for enhanced edge support. It also has a spring and foam hybrid targeted relief layer for hip and shoulder relief. It has a 12” height and it weighs 81-149 lbs. The benefits are the same for this mattress as the other two. These mattresses will fit platform beds, adjustable base, foundation frames, and bed frame. 

Leesa says its mattresses are different because they have a cooling tip foam layer and they have a two-inch contouring foam that fits the body nicely. All of their mattresses have a six-inch foam base layer that gives the mattress a minimal transfer of motion. The luxury hybrid model has a pocket spring base for support from edge to edge support which adjusts to the body’s pressure points and still the mattress has bounce. 

The advanced Leesa legend mattress has a base support layer of springs that have pockets for edge-to-edge support and a small pocket spring layer for added support for the sleeper. Leesa believes they have a mattress that will fit anybody and meet anyone’s needs. Leesa offers reasonable prices for their products. They have manufactured excellent mattress products for years so they can be trusted. 


Casper Mattress

It is the next major manufacturer we will talk about as a top mattress marketer. The company says that their mattresses have the authentic Casper feel. The feel is instant comfort and balanced support and softness. This is what their mattresses are known for and bought because of the signature sleep a person may have when sleeping on a Casper mattress. 

The company cautions that you don’t need to pay higher prices for inferior mattresses but buy their superior mattresses for a lesser price. It is expertly designed and engineered. The mattress will ship within 3 days in an easily unpacked box on your front doorstep. Casper will allow the customer to try the mattress free for 1200 nights and they will ship the mattress free to your residence. If you do not want to buy the mattress they will pick up the mattress for free and there is no obligation on the part of the customer. There is no obligation. 

Reviews of Casper Mattress    

The first reviewer says they were skeptical about a bed that could be rolled up in a box and shipped. They gave it a try anyway and the mattress relieved their back pain.  His wife had back pain and it was relieved as well from sleeping on the mattress. The man said his back pain was relieved the first night he slept on the mattress. The next reviewer said she loves her mattress so much and she has had it for 7 months. The mattress has the right mix of soft and firm and she does not get too warm sleeping on the mattress. 

The third reviewer was skeptical of buying a  mattress online but she talked to a friend, read reviews and she decided to purchase this mattress. She has had it for two weeks–at the time of this review being written–and she absolutely loves the Casper mattress. 

The Wave is the most advanced of the Casper mattresses, not the most popular but the most advanced of the company’s mattresses. The latest innovation combines gel pods with foam for ultimate support. The mattress is 13’ high and it has 5 layers of top-quality foam, it has targeted support because of the gel pods. It also has a top velvety layer and it has top airflow to keep the mattress cool while you sleep. The mattress contains gel pods that combine with foam in their best mattress which focused support for proper spinal alignment. Perforated foams and gel pods allow for the coolest sleep. 

The 27 gel pods will reduce the back pain and body aches that you suffer from. You will have a very cools sleep and free mattress delivery and old mattress removal. The mattress comes in all the standard sizes that mattresses come in on the market. As we have mentioned before the mattress with the pods and foam combination reduces pain in the body by hitting the pressure points in just the right places. It also is designed for the coolest of nights of sleep. The mattresses start at a reasonable price and each mattress price is affordable. 

Casper is the most popular mattress model the company sells. It has targeted support under the shoulders and the hips putting less pressure on those areas of the body. It has breathable foams to keep you cool while you sleep. It has signature comfort that millions love the company says. The top layer provides open cells in the foam so it breathes better. This also allows the airflow to be more comprehensive. The second layer absorbs the weight and transfers weight from the key areas of the body.

The third layer has specific support for extra cushioning under the hips and shoulders. The fourth layer–only in hybrid mattresses–has resilient but gentle springs for a stronger and more durable base. The fifth layer–only in hybrids–has a firm edge all the way around the layer to make getting in and out of the mattress much easier. 

The mattress is 12” high and has four layers of the best-quality foam. Focused support under the hips and the shoulders helps to relieve the pain and pressure in these areas of the body. As we said before this is the most popular design the company manufactures. The mattress has open cells that are breathable and allow for maximum airflow to give the customer a very cool sleep. 

Reviews of the Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress Review

The customer lives in a mattress and says the mattress is great coming out of the box. It is the most comfortable mattress he and his wife have ever slept on. He has traveled for work for years and stayed in motels. None of those motel beds can compare to this Casper mattress. Every time he climbs into the mattress he says he loves it and he smiles all the time he is sleeping.  

This customer was skeptical about all the ads about this mattress. The customer bought the king-size mattress and she says her spine feels so much better since she has been sleeping on the mattress. She says the King-size pillows and mattresses are the best. She took a nap just so she could lay on the bed and she slept for an extra hour because she said the mattress was so comfortable. 

Yet another customer says he and his wife suffer from back pain due to their old mattress being too saggy. They bought this mattress and fell in love with it. They say they’re back pain has disappeared since they have been sleeping on this Casper mattress. They love the mattress and highly recommend it to those who suffer from chronic back pain.

The Essential is the third offering from Casper. This mattress is comfortable for side,  back and stomach sleepers. So, it will fit anyone’s sleeping style. It stays cool all night to give the person a comfortable sleep. It is offered at a reasonable price and it comes in all the standard sizes. It is 11” high and has three layers of superior foam. It is streamlined in design to give ample support to the body. The cover is easy-to-clean and zips right off. 

The cover is made of a strong, durable hybrid knit that will last for years and it is dark. This will hide spills and spots–but hopefully, there will not be any spots or spills–and it unzips as we mentioned above the top layer is soft and comfortable to sleep on. The second layer is made of memory foam to support the body’s curves. The third layer is supportive and durable. 


Originated in Europe but it has made a splash in the United States and it may not be as well-known as some of the other mattress manufacturers but is quickly becoming a formidable competitor in the United States. It comes in all the standard sizes and it has 2500 conical-shaped pocket springs with responsive memory foam. It will improve your sleeping pattern, whatever it is.  The sizes are:

  • Twin-38”x74.5”x9.8”
  • Twin- XL-39”X 79.5”X 9.8”
  • Full-53”x74.5×9.8”
  • Queen-60”x 79.5”x9.8”
  • King-76”x79.5”x9.8”   
  • California King-72”x 83.5×9.8”

The mattress has 5 layers of nice construction. It will give you a pleasant sleep every time. The surface has hypoallergenic airflow which helps you to have a comfortable and cool sleep. They developed a layer called “Simbatex” which is super comfortable and gentle to give you the best sleep. Like it was mentioned before the mattress has 2500 conical-shaped springs that individually adjust as you sleep. You will wake up refreshed and ready to start your day.

The Visco memory foam adjusts to the contours of your body so it is tailored-made to your body so you will not get a better sleep. The mattress has 7 zones engineered in it to give you the best relaxing rest you can have on a mattress. The mattress is designed for the best sleep. The support base in combination with the conical springs and memory foam. This allows two people to sleep on the same bed even if they sleep in different positions and have two different body types. Each partner can sleep comfortably and will not disturb the other’s sleep.   

Simba’s History

The company started in 1979 with one thread and it took off from there. They gave a spool of thread to a mattress factory and the company became a worldwide force in the mattress industry as their thread was used in many mattresses. The company’s thread has been used in over 50 million–yes, 50 million mattresses–in 35 countries since 1979. 

In 2002, they decided to start manufacturing their own mattresses. The company branched into mattress supply and design. The company met with some success as they sold 1 million mattresses. They wanted to design the mattress that would give clients the ultimate sleeping experience. They brought three of the leading experts in their respective fields together. They designed the perfect mattress using springs, foams and other materials. The goal: design the world’s best sleeping mattress. 

The company experimented with 3 layers of foam using different types of foam. Synthetic foam, Pu foam, high density foam, and natural foams until they found the right combinations but they wanted to design more than a foam stack. They then teamed with the top spring manufacturer and developed a spring that could be rolled into a mattress. The company came up with the right mattress. 

The company next worked on the top layer and they tried many types of latex foam. They could not find the right latex foam so they designed their own. It would give the softest sleep and keep the person sleeping cool. They developed their sleeping prototype from profilers of 10 million sleepers–that is a lot of research–and they used 180 million body profile data profiles. 

The company tested the product and improvements to the mattress occurred. The company came up with the right combination of foam layers. Simba sleep went through some extensive research to develop the perfect bed and they seemed to have achieved this end goal.

Emma Mattress


It is a European mattress manufacturer which is one of the top manufacturers in the world. Like any mattress manufacturer, the Emma mattress was developed by a team of experts to give the dream sleep. The mattress comes in the standard sizes:

  • Twin-38×75 and weighs 35 lbs.
  • Twin XL-38×80 and weighs 37 lbs.
  • Full- 54×75 and weighs 48 lbs
  • Queen-60×80 and weighs 58 lbs
  • Cal King-72×84 and weighs 72 lbs
  • King-76×80 and weighs 72 lbs. all sizes are designated in inches.

The company offers a 100 day free trial, 10-year warranty, and free mattress delivery and old mattress pickup. Emma says they are not like your regular mattress manufacturer. They developed a cool sleeping mattress with its cooling memory foam in a box. This is accomplished by the airgocell keeping out the heat. Just take the mattress out of the box and you are ready to sleep it is that simple.

Whether you are a side, stomach, or back sleeper this mattress will keep your spine aligned. Keeping your spine and back straight and taking the pressure off your shoulders. This will guarantee a sound sleep throughout the night. The heat will not get trapped in the mattress so you will have a cool sleep all night long. This is because the air is able to flow easily through the mattress. 

The mattress is a climate controller keeping the temperature cool all night long as you sleep. It keeps the moisture and heats out keeping the climate cool and dry. The airgocell foam layer adjusts to the pressure points of the body and responds to the bodily movements giving a comfortable sleep all night long.  

The memory foam layer distributes the pressure evenly so the mattress will contour to your body for a very gentle and comfortable sleep. The HRX material layer provides counter pressure and alignment for the perfect shoulder and lower back support. 

The total construction of the mattress is a climate regulating cover, adaptive airgocell foam, pressure relieving visco-elastic memory foam, supportive base foam with adjustable cutout technology, and the mattress is made in the United States. It is also manufactured in Europe. Each box shipped in a 19”x19”x42” box.

The whole mattress is washable and can be removed from the bed easily. The Emma mattress protector is made of fibers that show 89.3% less dust mite allergens. This is compared to conventional covers. The protector is 100% probiotic which means there are microorganisms in the material that does not allow dampness to enter the mattress so allergens cannot develop. It acts like an organism that is breathable and will not allow dampness to enter the mattress.  

Reviews of Emma

One customer says this is absolutely a 5-star mattress and they have no regrets purchasing the mattress. The next customer says they have a cat and a dog and they are thankful the mattress is waterproof. The implication is the pets wet the mattress but the pets need to be trained not to wet the mattress. The owner is very happy with the mattress and says this is the discovery of the century. 

This customer writes a negative review saying it is not for them. They cannot get comfortable on the mattress. The company needs to be applauded for putting a negative review on their site. Another reviewer says they are so happy with this mattress and they love it dearly. 

This customer says they had chronic back pain and then they got this mattress. Then the back pain stopped and now they feel totally refreshed in the morning after a wonderful night of sleep. The customer said they bought a queen-size and twin-size mattress and protectors for their daughter. She has slept on it for 50 days and it is a great investment. 

The customer says every morning they wake up feeling so rested from sleeping on the Emma mattress. It has been a miracle mattress for this owner. They really love the mattress. A very good buy for this consumer. This is quite a compliment for this mattress manufacturer. The customer says their old mattress cannot even compare to the Emma mattress. 

The parent thanks their son for buying the mattress for them and they say this is an amazing mattress. 



This is a mattress that is manufactured in the United Kingdom and the company offers five different models for your sleeping comfort. So, one of these mattresses should meet your needs. 

Premium Mattress comes in 5 European sizes. It comes in UK single, UK Double, UK King, Super King sizes. The mattress is designed with the latest technology to give you the ideal sleep. The mattress will give you instant relief when you sleep. The foam–never used in the UK before–will give you a weightless feel when you sleep. The top foam will give you a nice night’s sleep. 

The mattress supports all types of sleepers so all sleeping needs will be satisfied. The foams all stay cool so the nights of waking up in a pool of sweat are a thing of the past. You will be able to sleep through your partner’s tossing and turning because their motion will not be transferred to your side. The company knitted the top of the mattress with silver not to be fancy. But it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in the material. It keeps the mattress so clean. 

If you do not like the mattress then send it back with no questions asked. A very good return policy indeed. You decide when you want the mattress delivered it is on your schedule, not the companies. They will give you a standard 10-year warranty which is common in the industry. They will pick up returns for free no charges assessed. The customer service team will help you get a quick resolution to the issue. 

The Premium Hybrid Mattress contains 1500 springs which give your body optimal support. It gives you pressure relief where you need it the most. The mattress will satisfy all types of sleepers. The foam layers will keep you cool and there is no motion transfer from that restless sleeping partner. This mattress will stay very clean because the foam has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

The Original Mattress the three layers of foam keep the foam off the body and will give you a wonderful night of sleep. This mattress will keep you cool as the other mattresses do. The mattress alleviates motion transfer like the other mattresses will. The company says they are the official sponsor for the British Rowing team. They love the company’s mattresses.    

The Hybrid Mattress the mattress brings zoned springs to give you ideal pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. The top layer gently fits your body and contours perfectly to your body style. It also contains big springs for a super sleep. They say their mattresses are 30 times more breathable than traditional mattresses. The mattress also isolates the motion transfer from that restless partner. The mattress is designed by some of the top Uk mattress designers. 

The hybrid reacts to your body so you have a comfortable sleep all night long. The top cover has material that stops moisture from penetrating through the mattress. You will have a cool sleep. The springs have a casing around them to give the mattress extra support to help you sleep. The springs respond to your body movements so you sleep peacefully the whole night through. The manufacturer uses very breathable material to help you sleep so comfortably. 

The Light Mattress is designed in a streamlined fashion but the company did not cut corners in comfortability. So the mattress is a high-quality mattress like the others.

Brookeandwilde another fine mattress made in the United Kingdom. They make two mattresses which are called the Lux mattress and the Elite mattress.

Brooke and wilde mattress

The Lux Mattress is constructed with 6 layers which include a top thermo layer which will keep the mattress from absorbing moisture so the client does not wake up in a pool of sweat. The customer will have a cool sleeping experience. The mattress comes in soft, medium, and firm. So people’s sleeping needs will be covered across the board. The mattress is about 11 inches deep and it contains 3000 pocket springs. 

It has wave support for proper hip and shoulder alignment and the mattress is a hybrid of foam and springs. The mattress does not need to be turned over or rotated which will save the owner some work. It has side handles and a non-split base. The mattress is designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Elite Mattress too has a thermal regulating top layer but this mattress has 8 layers to the construction. It is available in soft, medium, and firm. The features are the same as the ones listed for the Lux mattress. There are some extra bonus features to this mattress. They are the cover is removable and washable. Breathable top layer for generous airflow. It has a high-caliber Vicool cooling memory foam with soya oil. It has a reactive synthetic layer for extra bounce and feels. This mattress has 3500 pocket springs in the mattress.

Dormeo has 5 different mattresses for the customer to choose from. This is a nice selection and each mattress has some nice features. 


The Curve Mattress has a cool-to-the touch cover, UHD recovery, memory foam for comfort and pressure relief. It has a UHD octaspring layer for the utmost in pressure relief and cradling of the body. It has Octachannel absorbs tension and distributes the tension giving the customer a relaxed sleeping experience. It has an Octacurve layer which is strongest at the center to support the body weight and it adjusts for a better flex. The Octavent allows for the maximum airflow through the mattress. 

The company has 4 other mattresses called the Balance, Revive, Recovery, and Remedy mattresses which have all the same features as the curve mattress. The mattresses are a high quality products and they range in the thousands of dollars.    

Silentnight has a generous selection of mattresses to choose from and it is another company located in the United Kingdom. They have many sizes to choose from. They have small single, single, small double, double, double, King Size, Super King, Zip, and Link sizes so you have a lot of sizes to choose from. 

The small single mattress is ideal if you are limited in space or you only have a small room to put the mattress in. This mattress is ideal for those room issues. It will come in handy if you have an unexpected overnight guest or if your children come to visit and you need extra spaces to sleep.   

On the other end of the scale is the large zip and link bed which is very versatile. If two people need to sleep on this bed it can be attached together to sleep, two people. If you need two beds this mattress can be split apart into two separate mattresses. So, it is good if you have some unexpected sleeping guests show up. Or if you own a vacation home this would be an extra bed for your space.  

This company has so many options for you to choose from and the pricing of the mattresses will fit probably any budget. 

Otty has three distinct mattress options to choose from. They are another company located in Europe. The prices for each mattress are reasonable as well.


The Otty Hybrid Mattress has been named the mattress of the year and it is very breathable so you can have a very comfortable and cool sleeping experience. It does not sag or soften it keeps supporting the body for years. The company’s testers found the mattress to be comfortable and very easy to sleep on. It is not too hard and not too soft, it has just the right feel.

The Otty Flex Memory Foam Mattress uses the company’s Air Tech foam that will give the owner a blend of flexibility, breathability, and support. For a wonderful sleeping experience. 

The Otty Essential Hybrid Mattress has blue-gel infused foam combined with the awesome airflow to regulate the temperature of the mattress all night long. It has the highest ratio of springs to foam than any other mattress on the market. The ratio is 30%to 70% to give a person a comfortable and supportive sleep.

Conclusion: The article has covered the top ten mattress manufacturers in the world who offer their clients an assortment of mattress options. They offer many types at different prices surely one of these mattresses will meet any customer’s needs.