This could be a tough question to answer because there are so many factors that go into determining who are the top 10  best online mattress manufacturers. They have to have competitive prices, products and excellent marketing strategies. They have to be one of the top-selling retailers year after year. Don’t forget they have to have excellent customer service and they need to have top-notch reviews about their products. 

If they can definitely help people to sleep soundly at night and spare them from waking up with back pain in the morning will go a long way to help their cause. If they can help people sleep on a cool mattress through the night this is a big plus for them as well. The company must be trustworthy and develop a good product year after year. Here are 10 top online  mattress manufacturers:


Nectar Sleep Mattress

Nectar Sleep is one of the fastest growing online manufacturers in the world. Their philosophy is quite simple they started by creating the most comfortable mattress in the world according to their own word. The company feels that the cost of the mattress should not deter anyone from purchasing a comfortable and high-quality manufactured mattress. They say after all we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. 

The company connects with all their manufacturing plants around the world to make sure they source in only the finest materials into the plants to produce the best quality mattresses. They do not believe in marking their products so high that people cannot afford to purchase them but they strive to keep their prices reasonable but certainly competitive. The company has some of the finest minds designing their mattresses and since 2017 they have sold 750,000 mattresses which is quite a bit of growth in two short years.

The company’s factories adhere to the highest international guidelines for manufacturing and safety processes. The company will not put out a defective product but only the highest quality products. Another quality process they use is that they thoroughly test every mattress throughout the different stages of the production process. They even test every single mattress before it is shipped out the factory doors. 

The company does conduct business online but they have brick and mortar showrooms as well. For those people who do not feel comfortable shopping for a mattress online because they cannot see what they are buying or try out what they are buying. Then the brick and mortar store is the best bet for them. The company understands that some people do not like to shop for such a lifelong product online and the item can be expensive as well. It really is an investment and it is a high-priced commodity people will purchase. 

More to the point they sell their mattresses through independent contractors who run a chain of mattress showrooms. As it was mentioned before they have experienced explosive growth in two short years. Another factor that has helped Nectar Sleep is that they offer a full year free trial before a customer has to commit to buying a mattress or not. This policy sets this company apart from the competition because most mattress manufacturers offer a 90-day or at the most a 100-day free trial. Nectar Sleep offers a 365-day free trial. This shows a lot of trust on the part of the company because someone can really wear out a mattress in one year. 

A Nectar Sleep Ambassador

Nectar offers anyone who is interested in a chance to be an independent contractor or affiliate to sell their mattresses. The interested person needs to start up a website and create compelling content around sleep, wellness, interior design or whatever genre fits your followers. They ask that the person focus their posts on the company. They offer generous commissions for every mattress an ambassador sells online. 

They suggest you invite your followers to click on your link to view what the company has to offer first hand. The company offers incentives and bonuses for those who sell a lot of mattresses for the company. You may unlock more marketing opportunities to spread your brand and increase your clientele. The community perspective is that a good night’s sleep not only helps one to dream better but to live healthier lives. The community offers their thoughts, recommendations and preferences for the best mattress models the company sells. 

The company says they offer the highest commissions in the mattress industry. They will pay their ambassadors up to $150 dollars for sale referrals which is very generous. This is a big percentage the company is willing to give out of their profits. They offer a 365 day button for the ambassador’s website and they offer up to $1000 dollars in incentives if an ambassador sells 10 beds in the first 30 days they are in the program. The company offers 12% on every bed frame sold as well. 

The company will also support the ambassador by creating compelling content. They have a team of experts that will advise the ambassador with such tools as Video testimonials–which can sell a lot of mattresses–,organic and sponsored social posts–could mean posts on your social media accounts–, giveaways–always a big selling method–, blog posts of course, UGC contests, and eye-popping landing pages. Sometimes a picture can sell a mattress better than a long blog post–but do not underestimate the power of a creatively written blog post–are some of the methods they offer to help their ambassadors sell mattresses. 

The company does depend on the ambassador to use their own creative photography and the ambassador is aware of new product launches and sales campaigns and promotions. The ambassador may use their own unique coupon codes for their followers on their respective social media accounts. The company requires their ambassadors to create special photos that will stand out–not just the typical phone photo–something that will be eye-popping and capture people’s interest and attention.

They want content that will pull people into the ambassador’s web pages and social media pages and inspire their followers to but the company’s mattresses. These are some factors that have made Nectar Sleep one of the top selling online mattress manufacturers.   


Leesa Mattress

The company was started out of desperation it appears. The owners were just plain fed up with the current status of mattress companies. They were sick of mattress companies selling poor quality products for sky high prices. They were sick of poor customer service and overly, pushy salesmen. Salesmen who are so aggressive that they would push customers into purchase mattresses they really didn’t want and could not afford. These customers just bought the mattresses to get the salesmen off their backs.  

They were also tired of stuffy showrooms and promises the mattress manufacturers made that they could not possibly deliver on. And they were wary of all the hidden costs that would suddenly appear as the contract was written up. The bottom line they were just fed up. So, they met in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Leesa was born and has taken off since its humble beginnings. The founders really did something about the sad state of affairs of the mattress industry at the time. 

They decided to deliver the highest quality mattresses at reachable prices and they would make good on the promises they made to customers. They were determined to supply their customers with mattresses that would change the way they slept and woke up in the mornings. They would listen to customer concerns and be responsive when customers contacted them with problems. They would deliver mattresses that people expected to give them a peaceful night of sleep. A mattress that people could settle into and forget all the troubles of their lives and say goodbye to the world for the night. 

The difference with this mattress company was that it was a direct-to-customer-online mattress company. But what do you mean a direct-to-the customer mattress company? It means that Leesa has literally eliminated the middleman and ships their products directly to their customers. The customers simply go online and order the mattress they want and it is delivered directly to their front door. 

This means that there is no middleman to pressure customers to buy mattresses they really do not want. It also freed up Leesa to sell mattresses and noticeably lower prices because there were no expenses to pay to the middleman. Leesa could/does sell their products for much lower prices because there is no middleman to go through. The middleman can no longer gouge up the prices of the mattresses so they can make a meaty profit. This also lowers Leesa overhead and other expenses to operate their business. 

All the customer has to do is go online and search one of Lesa’s online galleries and find the mattress that will fit their budget and their needs and order the mattress. The mattress is sent to the customer. But the only drawback is the customer will not see what they are actually buying. They cannot try the mattress out before they take it out of the showroom. Buy Leesa promises they will deliver a top-rate product and they will give customers a free trial to test the mattress before they actually purchase the product. 

Apparently, these ideas have been working quite well for Leesa because they are one of the top-selling mattress companies in the world today. They are a company that has consistently designed and produced quality mattresses over the years. They are a respected company in the industry and they are an ethical company that deals with integrity in all of their business transactions. 


Casper Mattress

The owner of Casper thought the $14 billion dollar mattress industry needed to be shaken up and re-invented so the owner started Casper Mattresses in April 2014, and it took off from there and has become one of the biggest selling online mattress companies in the world in a very short time.

The owner says the industry needs to be shaken up because the salesmen are fast talkers and all the mattresses are the same type but with other brand names. The philosophy is simple to get the cheapest priced mattress–all the mattresses are the same type–out the door as quickly as possible and deliver for free. No middle men and no salesman just the company and the customer. The customer goes online and orders the mattress and the mattress is shipped to the customer’s front door. 

The company also offers a 100 free day trial before the customer will decide to buy the mattress or not. It was/is a very successful company as it sold 1 million dollars worth mattresses its first month–yes the first month– since then the company has grown to acquire $70 million in the capital venture. The company has 100 million in cumulative sales and it has grown to 120 employees. It is based in New York and it seems like many other mattress companies have copied their models. 

The philosophy evolved to “let’s invent an industry around sleep” which is an innovative method of conducting business. But normally, it was built a mattress to  how people sleep and the industry would react to the needs of how people slept. This company thought it would be nice to be proactive to meet the needs of people before they knew what their sleep needs were. In other words, anticipate the sleep needs of people.   

The company was founded by two people and one of the owner’s father is a sleep doctor and the owner did spend one year in medical school so the owner knows something about mattresses from a medical point of view. The owner says the mattress industry is a racket because of how many springs do you really need to have a solid night of sleep. 

The owners tested hundreds of different types of mattresses for 8 months. They decided people need back support but it needed to be back supported in targeting the key areas of the back. They learned that people all need the same things so they put all those things in one mattress. They felt that memory foam may have provided a lot of bounce but it is sweaty and hot. So, they added a layer of open-cell latex foam with memory foam. Latex is bouncy but it is cooler than memory foam. The owners say they are the first company to combine latex and memory foam into a mattress and they claim a patent is pending.  

A couple of the founders lived together in a walkup 4th story apartment. This presented a problem because there would be no way you would be able to fit a queen-size mattress up the stairs conveniently. The owners came up with the idea to ship a compressed mattress into a box the size of a dorm refrigerator and they would ship it by UPS. 

The mattress can be tried for free for 100 days. If the mattress is not pleasing to the customer than the company will come and pick it up for free. The owners say many customers do that now but they charge a lofty restocking fee. This may or may not be the practice of many companies. The company also saves a lot of money shipping by UPS. 

A couple made a mattress video early in the journey. The couple did not care for the mattress but they thought to deal with the company was an amazing experience. The comments were positive which will help the company to sell mattress.  The company establishes a long term relationship with their customers because most mattresses last 8 to 10 years. The owner says that customers speak with love people at the company. 

The company learns something about the person from every conversation. They have with that person. They track the shipments from their company to the customer’s residence. They also know if the person has a dog and they will send them dog beds. They also send them anniversary gifts because people are not just dollar signs for the owners. They want the customer to have a great experience with the company.

The company has what they call Casper Labs which came from their customer database. These customers–15,000–come to events, test prototypes, and they send the company sleep tracker data. They sleep on the competition’s mattresses and let the company know what they found. They are obsessive about their sleep. 

The owners consider their company first and they have developed software that lets them know where their raw materials are and the mattress components. It tells them when and where to build more products. If the UPS truck is delayed the company reaches out to the customer and notifies them something went wrong with their delivery. If you bought a mattress from Casper they know who you are without you having to give them a customer order number.    

The owner’s claim there is a psychological barrier where people won’t spend $1000 dollars on a mattress. They claim most people spend $500 dollars on the first mattress. The company knows how much it costs to build a mattress and how much returns cost, etc. They price the products at reasonable levels so people can move upward in spending money on a mattress.

These are some of the methods the company has developed and stuck to that have made them one of the most successful mattress manufacturers online today. They test every product for months until they perfect and release the final product.


SimbaSleep Mattress

The company has been around for decades but they are still going strong. They started in 1979 with a single piece of thread literally they claim. The country supplied a mattress company with some of their threads and the rest is history. Since that first mattress was made their thread has weaved itself through the world. 

The company claims that their thread has been used in 50 million mattresses since 1979. They think the bed you are sleeping on has their thread in it–no way to prove this assertion–but the company took a new direction in 2002. In 2002 the company decides to design and make their own mattresses using their thread of course. 

The company has sold 1 million mattresses since 2002–Casper sold 1 million mattresses their first month in existence–and the foresee selling many more in the upcoming years. The company wanted to design the perfect techy mattress. One that offers the perfect sleep that is affordable and offers the best support for the body. 

The company brought three of the best experts in their respective industries with one thing in mind. They wanted to design the perfect mattress. The company wanted cutting edge design, foam and springs. The goal was to give the perfect night’s sleep.

They started with three layers of foam and not just any foam. They experimented with different types of foams including PU foam, high density foam, synthetic foam, and natural foam until they got the perfect foam combination. They did not just want to put a stack of foam in their mattress. They wanted to use the best design that would provide the perfect sleeping experience. 

The company added springs to the mattress working with one of the leading spring manufacturers. The collaboration developed the spring that would fit into a rolling mattress which was cutting edge technology. They designed the conical spring which was the missing ingredient to make the perfect night sleep a reality. 

The company next worked on the top latex layer and they tested several different types of latex but none of them quite made the cut. The company developed its own latex and called it Simbatex which is a synthetic latex.  It did not tap heat and it added a new dimension of comfort to the mattress. 

The company developed its initial mattress prototypes using 10 million sleepers profiles–it is not known whether this is privacy invasion or not–and  180 million body data points. This may or may not be a violation of privacy rights. 

The company ran the mattress through multiple tests and they improved the mattress from all the testing. The company placed the memory foam down lower in the mattress and they made the spring unit more flexible. By making the spring unit more flexible the mattress would contour more fully to the human body. This gave the mattress more support and the sleeper a better night of sleep. 

History of Sleep According to Simba 

Simba speculates that during the ice age our ancestors spent hours in darkness with nothing to do. The thought was these early civilizations slept most of the time. This may not have been the case as predators were always nearby. Supposedly beds were made like nests out of twigs that were tucked in the back of caves. Sleep came in bursts but this is all speculation.

The ancient Egyptians developed solutions to insomnia that helped this ancient civilization to sleep. The beds were of the worst construction being split in the middle and rising at the feet. The beds were supposed to be very uncomfortable it is said. 

The Middle Ages did not see a lot of improvement in sleeping conditions. The whole family usually slept in one bed and the mattress was stuffed with feathers, twigs, hair, and wool. They slept in the same bed to stay warm and the mattresses were put on the floor or a carpet. Hygiene did not exist and people regularly got sick. The Middle ages slept in two shifts from sunset to 2:00 a.m and then after a few hours they had a second shift of sleep.

Modern times we find that by the 1920s people slept an 8 hour shift. Electricity and coffee changed sleeping patterns as people stayed up into the early morning hours. Today there are many more sleeping disorders but there are many options to fight the disorders and now sleep is a premium among the masses. 


Emma Mattress

The mission is to spread the best sleeping experience across the globe. The company was founded in Germany in 2015. The company has experienced explosive growth in 4 years. They are now conducting business in 17 countries on 3 continents. How did they grow so quickly? The mattress was developed by its award-winning expert team. The mattress was designed for optimal spine alignment with its patented technology. 

Whatever your sleeping position the mattress will give you the most comfortable sleep. The company claims they have been named the fastest growing startup–Casper would give them a run for the money–in Germany and Europe. They say they have won awards in nearly every country they conduct business in. The company says they do not let their successes create an atmosphere of contentment at the company. They strive to perfect their mattress technology at the modern testing facility. 

The company says the products are locally designed and manufactured which helps to boost the local economies. The company implies they are giving back to the local community. They are not hurting the local communities but they do ship mattresses all over the world. 

Their mattresses are developed by their RAND D teams which put the mattresses through extensive testing. They use innovative means to design their mattresses and they use the best foam to give their customers a healthier night of sleep. Several times the company reminds us they have won awards for their products. The company thinks very highly of their products. Using modern and patented technology the company has developed a mattress that will accurately react to the human body.

The company says they are environmentally conscious. They either give away their returned mattresses or dispose of them through their partners. These partners have recycling centers they dispose of the mattresses. The company is present in California, Connecticut, and Rhode 

Island. So these are the methods the company has implemented to become one of the most successful mattress manufacturers in the world today. 


EveSleep mattress

The company started in 2014 and in 2017 raised about 45 million dollars to boost its growth plans As of 2017, the company was valued at almost 182 million dollars quite a growth for a company so young. Why are they so successful? The company came into the business in 2014 as it was mentioned before but the company was in the planning stages years before. Early on the company formed a very lucrative partnership with investors. 

Shy did investors team up with the company before it launched and who did the founders know who to talk to? The company picked the right investors for the mattress startup. The company sold 6,000 mattresses in one day netting 2million dollars in sales–yes 2 million dollars–in one day. Talk about an astronomical start. The company has a presence in 18 countries and the growth potential is limitless. The mattress industry was broken and had a new giant to contend with.   

As was mentioned earlier the company was launched in 2014 and went public in December 2014 which was pretty quick. The company makes four different types of mattresses. The original mattress has 3 layers and is filled with memory foam. Eve-like many other startups in the 2010’s had a simple model to operate on. They made a few products offered really good trial periods to try the product, made delivery cheap and easy, and had a strong social media presence. 

The company sold 75,000 mattresses over the next few years becoming one of the strongest mattress manufacturers on the market. The company developed a strong presence in 18 countries worldwide. 

Back to the types of mattresses they produce they also produce the light mattress. The light mattress like the original mattress has a cover made of  a knitted 2-way stretch material with yellow sides. The mattresses are vacuum-packed in boxes which can be easily moved upstairs. This is not a novel concept as other companies pack their mattresses in the same manner. The mattress will inflate and return to its original shape within hours of being unpacked. The company has a very excellent customer service department helping them to gather new customers and keep existing customers.

Brooke and Wilde

Brooke and Wilde mattress

It is a company based in the United Kingdom that says it has the premium mattress. The company charges high prices for their products but this does not seem to stop customers from buying their mattresses. They offer the typical 100-day free trial for its mattresses. The company offers free delivery, and optional mattress recycling. 

The company offers two styles of mattresses the Lux, and the Elite. Which come in soft, medium, and  firm options. The company has a deflatable mattress that ships in a small container and the mattress will return to its original shape in a few hours. The company is strong on customer service which has helped them to be one of the top-selling mattress manufacturers in the world today. 

The medium mattress is very spongy but comfortable and the soft makes a person really sink down in the bed and makes you wonder if you can ever get out of the bed. There has been no complaints about the company’s mattresses or customer service. 


Dormeo mattress

They are once again making history and literally miles of it. They recently moved into a 40,000-square-foot facility where they began to make the famous Octasprings which is the heart of the operation. The company has always been innovative and they are flourishing as they moved into this building in the summer of 2013. 

The company says the Octasprings–and this was revolutionary at the time–are made of memory foams– not steel– but memory foam. This adds to the natural feel that memory foam gives the mattress anyway. The mattress is that much more comfortable and springy. This very well could have been patented technology for the company. It also gives the support of traditional innerspring but the production is cost-reducing which means the company may reduce the prices of its mattresses.  

Back in 2014, the company brought a true hybrid to its retailers and the company said at that time the technology was new and innovative. The company is very focused on customer service and moving ahead with innovative mattress technology. The eight octasprings are made of eight pillars of foam in a design that is eco-friendly and produces no waste in the process. Polyurethane coils are produced in a position on a layer of base foam.  

These innovative designs have brought a whole new sleeping experience to the masses. And are a few reasons that have made the company so successful on the mattress market and allowed them to move into a new modern facility. The company prides itself on being on the cutting edge of mattress technology. Customers can look forward to sleeping in the latest design.

One thing about the company is that they are not afraid to try new innovative manufacturing processes with their products. They are an environmentally-friendly company which also makes them very popular with customers.     

Dormeo executives gave some staff of “Furniture Today” a tour of the Winchester plant and it is the only kind of plant of its kind in the country. Again, Dormeo is ahead of the curve in technology and this is a big reason why they are so successful. The plant has three machines that convert regular memory foam into coils that act like steel springs. The machines weld together the flat ends of the memory foam. This is the only type of foam spring plant is the country as we mentioned before. 

The above process takes 14 steps and was developed in Belgium years ago where the first coil springs were made. The technology is proprietary and the equipment is advanced. The Octasprings are cut from 60 foot foam cylinders into nice individual springs. The machines will produce 24 million octasprings. If they were put in a straight line they would span for 1000 miles from Virginia to Texas. 

Silent Night

Silent Night Mattress

There is not a detailed article about the philosophy or beginnings of this mattress company. But the company seems to put out a quality product. The company was started in 1948 and they had some rough spots over the years but they are still going strong today.

They are the biggest mattress manufacturer in the United Kingdom so they are doing something right to be the biggest mattress firm in the country. What makes them a top-notch company is they have been able to survive some financial crisis over the years and they came out of these hard times that much stronger as a company.  

Another feature of the company is that they offer a lot for a reasonable price. One of their mattresses lists for $286.00 which is not bad. The company offers a lot of features in their mattress. The mattress offers a 7 zone support system to relieve all the critical pressure points on the body. It conforms to the contours of the body and the depth of the mattress is 8 inches which is a good depth for a mattress to be. The company offers other features on the mattress that make it one of its good sellers.


Otty Mattress

This company was started by a young entrepreneur who is very active and healthy. Who learned that a good night’s sleep can increase energy levels and productivity. The person found out that after sitting in an office for long hours and then practicing martial arts and staying active helped as well. Good eating habits help as well.

The person thought that there were a lot of mattress companies on the market who were cheating people and making unrealistic goals and promises to their clients they could not keep. This person started Otty to turn the mattress industry upside down. So, Otty was born and they have been successful in selling mattresses ever since. 

Conclusion: The article has covered ten of the best mattress manufacturers on the market today. The company’s beginnings have been discussed and their philosophies shared that has helped them to become and stay some of the top manufacturers of mattresses in the world today. The reason why the companies were started were discussed as well.