This is a sensitive subject to discuss because everyone has a different perspective on what makes a mattress firm. Can there be a mattress that fits everyone’s definition of firm? Yes, it is possible that one mattress can fit all the definitions of firm that exist in the world. But probably an easier option would be for there to be many mattresses to fit the firm needs of the masses. This is why a mattress guide will come in very happy in the firmness discussion. 

If you don’t get the correct mattress you will have many unhealthy nights of sleep and you could damage your neck, back and other parts of your body. Needless, to say that your partner you sleep in the bed with will be unhappy with you because you keep moving around keeping them awake all night as well. Here are some mattresses to consider:

A person lays down on a mattress and it instantly pushes back against the person’s body most would say this is a firm or extremely firm mattress. Others would claim this is too firm. Now, if the mattress provides the sleeping body with comfort and it instantly contours to the body then this would be considered soft. Or if the mattress gives the user cloud comfort this would be said to be a soft mattress.

What is Universal Comfort?

Universal comfort is basically what number on a scale of 1-10 a person would rate a mattress for firmness. These universal comfort mattresses are made to fit most sleepers needs and they usually fall into the 5-7 range or the medium to upper medium range. Obviously, below this range is soft and above the range is very firm. This range is important because 80% of sleepers enjoy this range of firmness. A universal mattress will fit the contours and every angle of the body making the entire experience firm and enjoyable. They have foam layers that will accommodate the weights and body types of most sleepers. 

Leesa  Mattress

Leesa Mattresses fit into the 6-10 firmness scale and they are designed–because of the foam layers–that can absorb different body types and weights to supply couples with a night of regular and balanced sleep. This works well for couples who have such different body types that they should be sleeping on separate mattresses. The Leesa mattress also provides consistency between light and heavy sleepers so they are able to sleep on the same mattress without any major adjustments in the sleeping routine. Alternative to latex foam–

The first layer of foam on the Leesa mattress is what is known as Avena foam–Alternative to latex foam–which is supposed to be more durable than latex foam. This layer of foam has been in existence since the 1990s and it has a lot of benefits. The mattress has continuous airflow through it so people will sleep on a cool mattress, hypoallergenic, will not crack or crumble, more durable than latex mattresses and it has reduced suppression over time so the body will not sink into the mattress. 

The specs are: Certi-PUR-US certified, compromising the mattress. density 3.6 PCF, indentation force deflection 20-26, no ozone depleters, no PBDE flame retardants, it is free of mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, low in VOC’S and it is 100 recyclable. 

The Leesa  Original Mattress- has three layers of foam the comfort layer, the memory foam recovery layer, and the support layer. The comfort layer keeps the air flowing through other layers to keep the mattress cool and the memory foam layer remembers the shape and angle of the body and its contours.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress-this mattress is perfect for side sleepers and it has the standard 3 layers of foam in the mattress. The comfort layer has thousands of hole punches for breathability to keep the mattress cool and the sleeper has the hug and bounce they love. The foam memory layer has advanced contouring features that provide comfort for the back, hips, and shoulders. The quick response layer has 1000+ responses with pocket spring for durability and stability to eliminate motion and transfer and support all body types. 

Leesa Legend Mattress- is the newest creation from Leesa and what makes it stand out from the other Leesa mattresses is that it has 4 foam layers instead of 3 foam layers. The comfort foam layer is hole-punched like all these levels of mattresses and has breathability to provide coolness and body-fit contours for the sleeper. The memory foam level works as it does in the other mattresses. Relief and stability level-only in the Legend Mattress–layer which provides singular pressurized relief to the hips and shoulders. The stability foam removes motion transfer and provides the ultimate support and durability for the sleeper.

 Casper Mattresses

Casper is one of the most popular mattresses on the market today. It was launched in 2014 and it has become one of the biggest-selling brands in 5 short years. They got there with a robust marketing and making an outstanding product. 

Casper Original Mattress-is made of 4 layers compromising the actual mattress. They are latex, memory foam, and high density latex foam. Latex foam is not as durable as some other foams are. The mattress has zoned support that focuses on different parts of the body. The comfort level has a similar feel as latex but maybe more durable. It is soft, bouncy, and breathable.

The contour layer is just what is called a contour layer. It contours the mattress to form fit your body so you can sleep comfortability and the memory foam is set to mitigate the mattresses heating properties. This will keep the sleeper cool throughout their sleep. The transition section is made of two types of polyfoam and it is targeted to match the different areas of the body. The base is what gives the mattress its shape. 

This author on this website gave this mattress a 7.- rating on the firmness scale which he claims is generous because the industry rating for the mattress is 6.5. The mattress world has a medium rating on the firmness scale. The author who rated the mattress 7.0 took a combined rating from some of his associates and they averaged all the numbers out to come up with the 7 ratings. Many people on the website team had different perceptions of how firm the mattress is. Was.

Layla Mattresses

This mattress is unique because it has a double sided sleeping surface. It will have the same level of firmness on either side. It has two firmness options in one bed and the copper memory foam provides a cooling effect for the sleeper. It will stop the sweater from sweating while they sleep. 

The company came out with its product in 2016 and they have become fairly popular in the 3 short years they have been in existence. The company makes only one style of mattress and it should meet the needs of all sleepers. It also has antimicrobial properties in the mattress. The mattress contains 4 foam layers and the mattress can be slept on the firm side or you can flip the mattress over and sleep on the soft side. The sleeper can have the best of both worlds. There are not many mattress manufacturers who can claim that its bed has a firm side and a soft side all in one mattress.

Comfort layer 1 is the soft-side of the mattress which is the bottom layer. It contains 3” of copper infused memory that provides the soft side of the mattress with great contouring benefits for the body. The body will sink deep into the mattress before any pressure is applied to resist the sinking weight. So, it is a very soft and comfortable mattress. Copper is known for its cooling abilities which will help with circulation and keeping the sleeper cool which is often a problem with memory foam. 

Transition layer has 2” of firm HD polyfoam which most mattresses contain. This layer transitions the body from the soft section of the bed to the firm parts of the mattress. This is a nice feature of this mattress it will adapt the body to the mattress. 

Support Layer is at the bottom of the mattress and contains some nice HD  foam poly which is common in many mattresses but the difference in this mattress–unlike most mattresses–is this layer is not the bottom layer but is the next to last layer in the mattress. 

Comfort Layer is at the bottom of the mattress or if you flip the mattress it will be the top layer. It has 1” of copper infused memory foam which is a thin layer but it provides a firm surface. 

Winkbeds Mattresses this particular mattress is the original winkbeds mattress that is a hybrid. It has a nice pillow top with very supportive coils to give the sleeper a nice sleeping experience. The mattress measures 14” from the base to cover and within the coils, there is a cooling layer. 

The company started in 2014 on the premise to build products using American-eco friendly materials. They build high quality mattresses and they have made big gains with their mattresses over the last few years. They are a top=selling brand but they face stiff competition from its competitors. 

The mattress contains 4 layers of pressure-relieving, micro coils and pocketed coils. This combination of materials provides the sleeper with a firm and cool sleep. The company offers different products with a different firmness. But we will focus on the medium firm mattress here. 

The mattress cover is made of Tencel–eco-friendly material made from eucalyptus wood cellulose which is a unique material to put in a mattress. The wood inside the mattress. Eucalyptus wood–like bamboo– is a light, breathable wood. This will allow the sleeper to have a cool sleep. The mattress has quilt detailing which helps to provide pressure relief and the mattress industry standard is 6.5, so this mattress is above average in firmness rating compared to other mattress manufacturers. This mattress will give a sinking effect as well.

The pillow top is a Euro-pillow top that is infused with gel. This is another unique feature of this mattress. It is nice to the touch while remaining firm and supportive of the body. Unlike most foam–that tends to overheat–the gel lining keeps the body cool and comfortable while the person sleeps. The Tencel distributes heat through the rest of the mattress so no one area of the mattress will overheat. Tencel and the Euro pillow top work in unison to keep the whole mattress cool.  

Bounce is the layer of the bed that contains a lot of microcoils. These microcoils give the mattress its soft and cushy fill. This may be another unique feature of the mattress. Micro Coils are made of thinner wire than pocketed coils are made from. This provides a greater level of pressure between the top and lower layers giving the sleeper a nice firm surface to sleep on. The microcoils keep the sleeper from getting that sinking feeling. The sleeper will not get stuck in the mattress. The sleeper will have not problem rolling right out of this mattress.

Foundation Layer is the layer that is at the base of the mattress. This layer contains a huge 8” coils distributed throughout the layer. These are very large coils. The coils are set into 7 sections of the mattress providing different pressure relief and firmness along the body as you sleep. Your shoulders and hips will sink deeper than your spine and lower body. This so these parts of the body receive more firmness which provides for a restful night of sleep for the user.

Pocketed coils are individually wrapped which provides a greater breathable and bouncier feeling than the standard steel coils would. This is another unique feature of this mattress. The company has used innovative features like these in their mattresses. These features help to sell the mattresses.

This mattress earns a 7 rating, again, from the author of this website. This is on the higher end of the firmness scale with 10 being the highest number on the firmness scale. The standard industry has a 6.5 firmness level on their mattresses so this mattress is above average in firmness compared to other mattresses. 

The euro pillow top and the Tencel sections will give the mattress a slight sinking feeling when the person sleeps on the mattress. But the coils allow for a firm sleep for the sleeper as well. This allows the person to feel like they are sleeping on top of the bed instead of in it. If the person feels like they are sleeping in the mattress then they have some serious sinking issues.

The combination of the resistance the microcoils give and the cushy soft feel of the pillow top makes the mattress a good one to sleep on for combination–stomach and back sleepers– and stomach sleepers. 

Note: As a person looks for a new mattress to buy that person should keep a few things in mind. Consider the pressure the mattress applies to the pressure points of the body. For instance, side sleepers experience pressure at the shoulders and hips where they sink a little more into the mattress than the rest of the body.

If you were to test the mattress first by sleeping on your back you would feel the top layer to be very soft but supportive. Unlike a memory foam mattress, you would not feel like you were surrounded in the bed and you could easily move to another sleeping position. Your weight will be evenly distributed and you will feel little pressure on your pressure points.

If you flop to your side, you will find that slight pressure forming on your hips and shoulders as you settle into the mattress to sleep. On firmer mattresses, these pressure points will feel more pressure from the mattress. This particular mattress may not be the best for side sleepers because it will not sink enough for side sleepers to sleep comfortably.

For those of you who are stomach sleepers, this mattress will provide you with a few pressure points on the body and your weight will be evenly distributed. The hips will be well supported which is critical for stomach sleepers to prevent the lower body from sinking causing stress on the spine. If the spine is stressed for long periods of time it could cause some serious spine and back issues.

Helix Mattresses are manufactured by an online mattress company whose mattresses have become big sellers. The company has come out with many new mattress models in its short existence. Here we will talk about the company’s Moonlight and Midnight mattresses. 

These two hybrid mattresses fall under the company’s umbrella of hybrid mattresses but they are a little different than the other hybrid models. The moonlight will provide the sleeper with ample pressure. Midnight is ideal for side sleepers and it is a medium firm mattress. 

Moonlight The mattress cover is made of polyester and it offers a lot of breathability for the sleeper. This cover will not offer the temperature range the standard cover does. The mattress has the following layers.

Comfort layer is made of the company’s helix brand foam that is a latex-alternative. It is super soft and has a quick response to pressure from the body. This feature allows the person to change sleeping positions easily and comfortably. It comes with natural cooling properties. 

Transition Layer is directly below the dynamic foam layer and this section is made of poly foam. It is slightly firmer than the top section and allows the body to gradually transition to the pocketed coils system in the base. 

Support Layer is mainly made of individually wrapped coils which brings support to the whole mattress. This allows the sleeper to sleep on top of the mattress instead of sleeping in the mattress. If the sleeper sinks into the mattress then the firmness of the mattress needs to be questioned. The individually wrapped coils allow for extra space between the coils which allows more breathability in the mattress. This will keep the sleeper cooler while the sleeper sleeps. The air will flow through these spaces.

Base Layer is the high density thin layer of poly foam. This layer really does not affect the function of the bed but is more for the coils to react off. 

Midnight Mattress This is a hybrid mattress constructed with pockets and coils it is designed to be a medium firm mattress. 

Cover this description is the same as the cover description written about the mattress discussed directly above this one.

Comfort Layer which has a thick foam layer which is not normally designed into this layer of the mattress. The mattress is slow to respond to pressure so you should experience some contouring to fit your body shape. Deep sinkage does not always translate to softness, it could mean the mattress will give the sleeper a firm support. 

Transition Layer is the layer just below the comfort layer and it is constructed with poly foam. The material is the same, It is used in the moonlight mattress but it is a little firmer than the moonlight mattress. It curbs the sinkage of the body in the mattress so it establishes a medium firmness as the body sinks into the next layer.

Support Layer has the same pocketed coil system that is used in the moonlight mattress brings support to the mattress and breathability for a cool sleep for the sleeper.

Base Layer is the bottom layer of the mattress and it is made of a high density poly foam. The layer basically holds the rest of the mattress together. 

These two mattresses may seem to have minor differences in their constructions. Actually the mattresses are quite different in their respective designs. The real changes take place in the comfort layers and these changes make the mattress to have two totally different functions. 

The moonlight employs a bouncy feel-like foam and the midnight mattress employs a memory foam which is the opposite of what a person would expect these mattresses to be constructed in the comfort layers. These mattresses are uniquely designed to provide sleepers with the best possible sleep experience they can have. 

The moonlight mattress supplies the sleeper with a soft top layer that causes the sleeper to sink easily but the sleeper will not feel like they are sinking quickly because the bed reacts quickly to the body’s pressure. 

The midnight mattress will react with the sleeper’s body in the comfort layer because it contains heavy foam. The body will sink easily into this layer. It has a slow reaction to pressure so it will contour nicely around the sleeper. 

The moonlight mattress has a firmness score of 5.5 and the midnight mattress has a rating of 6.5. So both mattresses fall into the lower to medium firmness range. If a person is looking for a very firm mattress then these mattresses will not fit their needs. But if the person can settle with a mattress that is a little softer than ultra firm these mattresses will meet the needs of that person.

Nectar Mattresses are the next mattresses under discussion. The company launched its product in 2017 and in two short years, its mattresses have become top sellers and are one of the most popular mattresses on the market. The company’s flagship mattress offers thick layers of memory foam and an airy base for deep pressure relief. 

The mattress company combined an aggressive marketing strategy and focused product development that has caused it to grow so strong in two short years. The company is an online mattress company and is giving Purple and Caspar–two giants in the mattress industry–a run for their money. The company’s three beds all have different feels and they are very popular on many fronts. 

These mattresses are cheaper than the competition mattresses. Their mattresses may cost $1000 US dollars while this company’s mattress sells for $700 US dollars. 

Construction, the mattress is made of three layers of foam and the most distinct feature of the mattress is the 4-inch thick memory foam on the top of the mattress. This allows for an ample amount of contouring and sinkage for the body. 

Cover is comprised of both cotton and Tencel–we discussed tencel earlier–which is a unique combination of materials to be constructed together in a mattress. The cover is very breathable and soft. The cover has memory gel quilted into it giving the sleeper some comfort. The combination of Tencel and gel infusion gives the layer a massive cooling effect that will help to regulate mattress temperatures throughout the night. 

Comfort Layer is made of 3” of memory foam which is really slow to react to pressure so the sleeper can have some relief from pressure pain and have a wonderful night of sleep. The foam will contour to the body and it will make the sleeper feel like they are sleeping in the bed instead of on top of it. This could be good for side sleepers who need soft support for the shoulders and hips.   

Transition Layer this is the next layer you will experience and the response to pressure is a little quicker than the other layers. It will introduce your body to the base layer of the mattress. This is conventional for most foam layered mattresses. 

Foundation Layer as the name implies this is the foundation layer of the bed that holds the rest of the construction together. This layer contains 6” of poly foam and basically gives the mattress its shape. The other layers of foam react to the layer of foam. No foundation layer there will be no mattress construction.

Firmness of the mattress is decent so if the sleeper pushes their hand into the foam the top layers of the foam will react to the fingers. As the person presses deeper into the bed the other foams will react to the fingers. The mattress has a solid firmness. Better than most mattresses it this class.

The mattress was tested by three employees of the website who had varying heights and weights. Firmness means different things to different people so the ratings may not be consistent between the testers. The compiled rating of this mattress was 6.5. This is in the upper medium range so according to these testers, there are firmer mattresses on the market.

A sleeper will find that as they recline on the mattress it will contour around their bodies and fit their body type. Some may find this acceptable and others may be bothered by the snug fit around their bodies. The further the body sinks into the mattress it may feel softer to the sleeper.

If you test the edge of the bed you will find the nectar mattress will firmly support your lying on your back and it will evenly apply pressure to the pressure points located in the back. You most likely will not roll off the bed to the ground. The mattress will cause the body to press down into the mattress to keep the bod snug and in place.

As we said earlier those that like to sleep on their sides will experience a continued firm pressure on the shoulders and hips as the side sleeper will enjoy a restful sleep night after night. And those that sleep on their stomachs will find it a comfortable position to sleep in and the mattress will evenly distribute the weight of the body.

It may be needed to be said here that coils that are individually wrapped in mattresses and provide space between the coils could supply more breathability for the sleeper than foam mattresses would provide. It would mean that the sleeper on a coil mattress may have a cooler sleep than a sleeper on a foam mattress. The sweat on a coil mattress may be reduced as opposed to sleeping on a foam mattress. 

Comparing the Big Players

Nectar mattresses compared to Purple mattresses there are some noticeable differences between these two powerhouse mattresses. Purple has a hyper-elastic polymer comfort section. Instead of the poly foam which is more stiff and contours to the body more readily. Nectar has the poly foam in its comfort section. The hyper-elastic polymer is more bounce than the poly foam and will depress more without contouring to the body as the poly foam contours to the body. 

Purple is temperature neutral, unlike Nectar which means the Purple will give the sleeper a much cooler sleep than the Nectar can provide. Nectar has little bounce support bug Purple has a vast amount of bounce support to its design. 

Nectar and Casper are both built out of foam but there are some major differences between the two giant mattresses sellers. For instance, the Nectar has more sinkage capability than the Casper. Does it have a lot more sinkage ability than Casper does? Have a better-zoned support system for the hips and shoulders than Nectar has. This feature will appeal to a wider range of people.

Purple Mattresses–we just talked about them briefly above but we talk about them more extensively here. Purple started its production line in 2015 and it has earned its fair share of fans as well as enemies in the last 4 years. The source of the problem is the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer section in its mattresses. To gain a greater following the company has revamped the mattress to include the Hyper-Elastic Polymer section because this makes this mattress feel different than any other mattress on the market. It has a new cover design and a new polyfoam edge support. 

Whether these changes will gain new adherents to the company remains to be seen. Despite these critics, it is still a very popular selling mattress. The author of this website says the mattress is like a Tootsie roll either you hate it or love it. This may or may not be a true statement.

A brief history of the company is this. The company was founded by two brothers Terry and Tony Pearce. They played around with some designs but came up with the original mattress and introduced it to the market. The company sales took off and the rest is history. The company has three signature mattresses the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier,  which is all made in the United States. Below we will discuss the update purple version. 

Cover it features slightly new construction from the original model. It is made from polyester, viscose, and lycra making the mattress very fluffy and breathable. Combined with it moving with the comfort section the airflow will improve in these new mattresses. It will give potential sleepers a cooler sleep. They will sweat less while they sleep as well. This will improve sales for the company for sure. 

Comfort Layer Next is the comfort section which is made of 2 inches Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer–the feature either you will hate or love–the material is set up in a grid structure. The structure bends under the pressure points but everywhere else it is supportive and firm. This will work for combination sleepers, really, for all types of sleepers, this section would work well. The section is extremely breathable and gives the sleeper a cool sleep. 

Transition Layer directly under the comfort layer is the transition layer which is made of 31/2 inches of heavy duty poly foam. This section does not give as much as the comfort section does so this prevents the sleeper from sinking deeper into the mattress. It is a nice and supportive section of the mattress. This allows sleepers to move easily into other sleeping positions during the night. This works well for restless sleepers who like to move during the night. The mattress also benefits combination sleepers who will move to different sleeping positions throughout the night. The mattress may have properties to prevent transfer motion to the partner sleeping on the bed with the mover.

Base Layer is known as the foundation of the mattress because it helps the mattress keep its shape, firmness, etc. This layer shines with 4 inch poly foam. This guarantees a comfortable sleep for whoever will purchase the mattress. 

Ranking throughout this website the writers of the reviews of these mattresses have been conservative with their rankings for firmness. The writer of this website ranked this mattress 7 which is in the upper medium range for firmness. The writers of the website never gave any of the mattresses a rating higher than seven.

According to the website, the industry standard for firmness is 6.5 or in the medium range. The mattress rated a seven as we said earlier, in contrast to the industry rating of 6.5. This puts this mattress above the medium range for firmness  Barely in the firm range. Again, firmness is very subjective to each person. Each person is looking for different characteristics as what they consider what firm is.  

The purple mattress is designed to be a pain-relieving mattress which is unusual that it is ranked only in the medium-firm range. Usually, mattresses designed to relieve pain and ease the pressure points around the bod  Are usually in the firm to the very firm range. Bit this mattress seems to be satisfying sleepers with its firmness range. Most people do not want to sleep on a rock. The middle ground seems to be the answer for most consumers.  

Most likely most sleepers want a mattress that is in the middle firmness range because they do not want to slip into a sinkhole or do they want to feel like they are sleeping a slab of cement.

Conclusion: The article has served as a guide for consumers to know what to look for when they buy a new mattress. There have been a few mattresses discussed that are top-selling mattresses and each mattress has its own unique features that have made them top-selling mattresses.